As the title implies, I created this just for fun. ^_^ I mainly intend to use this as a means to jot down whatever comes to mind, and (provided that I feel like it) put down some stuff on history. I'll try not to be too judgemental about topics that tend to be extremely sensitive like politics. (No, no, scratch that--especially politics.)

As a side note, I'm also going to start using this as a means to announce when I have updated my story Tides of Fate or anything else related to it.

For those wondering what I look like, here's a picture!

(Surprised that I'm still not showing my real face? Too bad! >D *evil laughter*)

Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!

Chat Room Post

Just so no one gets confused, the post I just put up is a pure work of fiction written an an answer to a challenge. I hope y'all enjoy it! XD

Just Another Day in the Chat Room

Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z – SuperSaiyanKing
Goku – Dragon Ball Z – GloriousFood96
Thatz – Dragon Knights – GloriousFood95
Xakiah – Kingdom Hearts (OC) – ShadowGnomon


SuperSaiyanKing has logged in

ShadowGnomon has logged in

SuperSaiyanKing: Oh, not you again!

ShadowGnomon: (*laughs*) I’m sorry, is something the matter? ^__^

SuperSaiyanKing: Never mind! Anyway…do you know where Kakarot is?

ShadowGnomon: …maybe…maybe not. ^__^

SuperSaiyanKing: Just answer the d**n question already!

GloriousFood95 has logged in

SuperSaiyanKing: Oh, there you are.

GloriousFood95: Hello everybody! ^_^

ShadowGnomon: Hello GloriousFood-kun. What brings you around here today? ^__^

GloriousFood95: Oh, nothing much…I just felt like catching up with some old friends.

SuperSaiyanKing: What?! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?!

GloriousFood95: About what? o_o?

SuperSaiyanKing: D**n it, Kakarot! You told me to meet you here in this chat room so we could talk figure out what to do with our sons. With no more threats endangering the earth our boys have gotten soft and lazy, and that just won’t do! We’re Saiyans! We are a clan of warriors! And what kind of warrior slacks off on their training?

GloriousFood95: Ummm…


GloriousFood95: SuperSaiyanKing, you’ve got it wrong. -_-;

SuperSaiyanKing: WHAT?!!!

ShadowGnomon: Tisk, tisk, tisk, SuperSaiyanKing. Won’t your wife get on you again for raising your blood pressure? ^__^

SuperSaiyanKing: Stay out of this, ShadowGnomon. You’re not a part of this discussion!

ShadowGnomon: “Discussion?” This sounds more like a rant to me. TTwTT

SuperSaiyanKing: Just shut up already!
Anyway, just what do you mean Kakarot? Where’s your Saiyan pride?

GloriousFood96 has logged in

GloriousFood96: Sorry I’m late guys! I accidentally busted the keyboard not long after turning the computer on, so my son had to go get a new one and install it. ^^; So Vegeta, what do you think we should do about Goten and Trunks? So far I’ve been coming up with blanks because of Chi Chi’s insistence that Goten focus more on his studies than learning how to fight…

SuperSaiyanKing: …what?

ShadowGnomon: ROFL!!! XD

GloriousFood95: Uggh…that’s it! I’m going demon hunting with Rath. With any luck, we’ll come across one with some booty. Later!

GloriousFood95 has logged out

GloriousFood96: Umm…did I miss something? o_o?

SuperSaiyanKing: No Kakarot…you’ve just reminded me why I hate you so much.

Random Post

Just so y'all know, I have a new account on Mangafox. Bet you can't find me! ^_~

Anyway, it's finals week here at my school. I guess that's more of a good thing than a bad, but dang if it doesn't feel like 2009 is moving way too fast! >_< I'm not quite certain what's causing it, but I'm thinking it's the upcoming family reunion that has something to do with it. We didn't have it last year curtosy of Hurricane Ike, but this year we decided to have it again. Hec, even my Godfather who normally can't come until the actual day of is coming up today so he can help with the preparations. (The theory my mom and I have behind this is so that he can have more of my grandmother's homemade goodies all to himself. ^_~)

Have a nice day! ^_^

New Quiz!

Yay! After almost a year of putting it off, I've finally gotten around to making a new quiz! Go have a look at it if you want. X3

Have a nice day! XD

Just a Little Humor...

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