As the title implies, I created this just for fun. ^_^ I mainly intend to use this as a means to jot down whatever comes to mind, and (provided that I feel like it) put down some stuff on history. I'll try not to be too judgemental about topics that tend to be extremely sensitive like politics. (No, no, scratch that--especially politics.)

As a side note, I'm also going to start using this as a means to announce when I have updated my story Tides of Fate or anything else related to it.

For those wondering what I look like, here's a picture!

(Surprised that I'm still not showing my real face? Too bad! >D *evil laughter*)

Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!

The Challenge

I have been officially challenged by SojiRem to do this challenge, and so it shall be done! (Which is really odd for me; normally I ignore challenges of this nature because I lack any interest in them. This, however, has captured my intrige, so that's why it's here.)

Just post a comment and I shall-

1. Respond with something random about you
2. Tell you which color you remind me of
3. Tell you my first memory of you
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you
6. Tell you my favorite think about you
7. Tell you my least favorite think about you
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal

Don't be shy! ^_^

Cut and Paste = Beautiful

Hello again folks! ^_^

This is Shadweh reporting from a little town in Kentucky with absolutely NO access to a readily available access to MS Word. Translation: anything and everything I do on MS Word and paste on this site is not going to be a cake walk like before. As a matter of fact, I just got finished with transposing a four-page fanfiction post a little while ago. My fingers aren't tired or anything, but the suck factor is still at a critical... >_<

The moral of this story is: don't take the small things for granted!

And now, if y'all excuse me, I'm going to visit with my cousins who are about one year and one month old, respectively. ^_~

Avatar Updates and More

Good evening! XD

It's been a while since my last post, so I'll spell it to y'all short: I'm off for the summer and am now attempting to do more then play ny DS for hours on end. For the most part I've been successful at keeping my eyes off of the dang thing, but I usually end up reaching for it instead of the things I would like to actually catching up on those books I keep purchasing but never get around to reading and researching the things I'd like now that I have the time?

Personal activities aside, some of y'all might immediately recognize the girls in the avatar that I'm using. For those who don't, they are the Andrew Sisters. My mom purchased a CD featuring them sometime back, and I've been happily listening to it ever since. X3 I guess some people find it strange that I listen to stuff that my great-grandparents listened to back in the day, but I couldn't care less. I absolutely love the harmony those three have together, and the fact that they got their start in a bleak time in our history is a pretty big bonus too. last bit of news before I sign off: I've been asked to sing Shubert's version of Ave Maria at a wedding in my perish. Apparently, the bride to be heared me perform a solo a few Sunday's a go and approached the chapel choir director about it after mass. I didn't find out about it until the following Wednesday because my family and I had already bailed by that time. I've accepted the offer because thankfully I know (and love) the piece pretty well. I'll (probably) post about it some time after the event happens to let y'all know how it goes.

Without further adeu (if I'm spelling that right), I'll put down the image of the avatar below and, as an added treat, put down one of my favorite songs by the Andrew Sisters.

Have a nice day!

Hunt for the Elusive CD

Hello everybody! I know it's been forever, but whatever. No point apologizing for it because, quite frankly, I'm not sorry for any of it! Seriously, between finals, papers, juries, and other technical hoo-ha (including getting yet another computer virus and suffering the mother of all burn-outs), I wanted a break from this laptop! Curse you twenty-first century and your quick-paced demands!!! >O

Ranting aside, I might as well fill y'all in on the details relating to the title of this post. ^_^;

About four weeks ago I went to the movies with some people I love to see How to Train Your Dragon. I absolutely loved the movie and just had to get the soundtrack because I throughoully enjoyed what I heared throughout the film. Now, I had this giftcard from Target that I wanted to use to purchase that said CD and decided to wait for the end of the school year to go out and get it that way I could focus on my studies.


For about two weeks thereafter, I found myself journeying to various Targets in San Antonio, including one at the Rim (a huge outdoor shopping center near La Cantera, another outdoor shopping center, and Fiesta Texas for those who don't know), in vain. I even went to Barns and Noble, F.Y.E., and Best Buy for the dang thing. And guess what? (Too late.) They didn't have it. It wouldn't be until about the end of this adventure that I discovered that Target, in particular, doesn't have it in stock anymore because they didn't sell very well. I don't know the reason behind that exactly, but to my limited understanding of the soundtrack universe the CD's that generally sell the best are the ones that either contain popular artists or are ripped straight off of musicals of any sort. The only exception to the rule thus far that you'll find at your local Target or Wal-Mart would be Avatar (which also has a fantastic soundtrack for those still interested in it). The only song on the How to Train Your Dragon OST is the one titled "Sticks and Stones" by Jonsi, so all of the others are stuff done via digitized orchestra. (*Sigh*) Heaven forbid should anybody take interest in what composers dedicate their blood, sweat, and tears too anymore...

Well, this past Monday I was out and about with my grandmother when she asked if I wanted to have yet another look at Best Buy. To humor her (and to scope out potential CD's to add to my collection) I decided, "why not?" Just like last time, they did't have it, but one of the workers was kind enough to check out the stocks of other Best Buy's in town to see if any one of them still had it. As it turned out one actually did, and to make certain that it wouldn't be taken by the time we got there got the workers there to put it on reserve for us.

The ending of this story, thankfully, is a happy one. After taking that CD home and after giving it a good listening too, I have found that its contents are definately to my liking. As a matter of fact, I've been listening to it as I've jotted down this post. The moral of this story: it never hurts to have a little patience.

Later y'all! ^_^

Another Short Post!

I had a Vocal Recital tonight and totally rocked! X3 (Or as close to rock you can get when you're singing Broadway that doesn't bear the title "Jesus Christ Superstar." ;3 )

In other news, last week I purchased almost all of the manga Petshop of Horrors. I forgot how much I like Count D, and I can't wait until I can finally locate that last volume that will complete my set. I also purchased volume nine of Dragon Knights. It will probably take me a long time to finally track down the rest of the series at Half Price Books and other neat stores of that nature, but I'm willing to wait.

As a random question, does anybody here read Black Bird or Viz's manga adaption of the Legend of Zelda series?

That's about all I've got for tonight. Later! ^_^