As the title implies, I created this just for fun. ^_^ I mainly intend to use this as a means to jot down whatever comes to mind, and (provided that I feel like it) put down some stuff on history. I'll try not to be too judgemental about topics that tend to be extremely sensitive like politics. (No, no, scratch that--especially politics.)

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Something that's been bothering me...

For my story Tides of Fate, I've been doing a lot of reaserch into the characters from Disney that I'm utilizing from the Little Mermaid. My source of information is mainly comming from the movies themselves, but I'm also using Wikipedia as a quick reference for the names of the minor characters for when they come to surface (as it were).

It just so happened that as I was brousing around the Wikipedia reference to the Little Mermaid that I stumbled across the section talking about how, several years ago, a woman in some part of the country actually filed lawsuit against Disney for the picture of Atlantica on the original cover of the VHS. Apparantly, one part of the city had a structure that, to her, was "too inappropriate" to be on the case. I have no desire to explain in detail as to why because, not only do I believe it to be beyond stupid, it might go against the PG-13 policy theO has kindly set up for us. (That section of the article went on to say that, after an official apology from the artist who designed it and his manager, she eventually dropped the charge.)

The Little Mermaid isn't the only victim of this blasphemy--other Disney films, such as the Lion King for one, has been accused of "dirty artwork" because of whatever scene they saw that looked "suspicious" to them. (Not to mention the other accusations, such as "immoral conduct" or whatnot. Again, I have no desire to go into much detail about the issue.)

Honesty, what's wrong with these people?! It's Disney for crying out loud! Sure, rumor has it that these things do indeed happen when the artist is seeking for a way to let off some steam, but that sort of artwork (I'd hope) is usually edited by another artist who catches on before it's produced anyway. Why do these people do this? It doesn't make any lick of sense to me at all...

((*exhales with relief*) Glad I got that off my chest! )