Well ello there! The names Tifa, or Tiff (either works) I'm a senior in high school and i am curently 17.( dont forget my birthday!!!!April 15th!!!) Most people that know me, know i have mega boy issues, but what girl doesnt hahaha ( no offense boyz :p)I love to have fun and joke around. I'm really sad that it's getting cold out because I'm more of a spring kinda girl :[. Anywho message me (I love random messages :]) and check out my art! Not to mention i love it when you guys read my posts and comment on them, it really helps me get through things. Thanks Kitty-chan and page 7! You two are my besties here:]

<333 Tiff


Wensday! whoo hoo always a fun day ^.^ tommarwo is drumline wee i got snare for my senior year!! *dances Im so happy.

!!!!!!!!BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!
Kitty K.o. is having a contest!!! Its pretty much an open contest and you people should totally join ^.^ she needs more people to dedicate so that this thing can work out. Its about drawing any of her characters from her comics that she has made. If you havent read them yet I REALLY recomend them because the art work is amazing and the plots of them are very well written ^.^ my fav is Kitty days because my luv Miu is there! *squeals* and her prizes are pretty much banging!!! Come on you knnow you want to join *puppy dog face* pretty pretty pweez. Can you guys also help spread the word? *huggles* wovers you guys!!! >>>> http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/253295/full-kitty-love_contest_announced%2521
Other news
Be mine pics of Toyas up! Thankyou guys for commenting on him and peach my fox x3. You guys rock ^.^ *hugs* and thankies for commenting here! HAVe a wonderful day!!!

Im back

I forgot I could do posts ^.^' sorry about that *cough* yea im here. i havent been really talking much since i still can't figure out how to comment on u guys's sites so plz forgive me =.=.

Well updates on Be Mine!:
I finished the first book and 27 people read it!! 8D they loved it except 3 or four but thats understanable cuz theyre boyz who hate to "read" xD but yea i was litt attacked to make the second book so Im working on it now as I speak x3 Bad news is I prob wont post it up on here >.< im so sorry but its alot of work to edit it, make the right words, darken it, scan it. where talking Ovr 200 pages here. id think i dieeee. and my editors have no clue how to do it so it be only me working on it. I'll think about it but i doubt it =.= sorry again.

I have a new love and their name is... starbucks... LMAO im officaly addicted to chai frapachinos (sp?). sooo good but so expensive =.=''

Vaccation with my bois from the 5th of july to the 12th in the outer banks!!! I'll make sure i post pics if I can x3. well pm me, but ur best way to get ahold of me is through my aim or txting(if u have it) Luv u kitty K.o., queenb, and atritus!!! x3

Luv Always

ANother Day ANother.... eh well i never got my dollar 0.o'

Hey buddehs! How are you guys? Im good. Let me just say for those who saw Be Mine up, its cuz pep kept bugging meh TT.TT and one of my editors "blackmailed" meh kinda so i put up a lil ^.^' its really poor quality cuz i nvr outlined it, scanned it with a scanner, or even use that manga program on it yet =.=' so my apoligies. and yes its dedicated to Kitty K.O. because she is my inspiration, pride, and amazing friend! well hope you guys have a wonderful day!
My Bday is April 15th!!! Dont forget Loves ^.-
Much Luv


OMG I think I finally figure dthis all out!! Le gasp! its cuz im a ninja... a nakeed nija!!! xD long story =.=' its a inside joke haha. soo whats cooking good lookings?