Well ello there! The names Tifa, or Tiff (either works) I'm a senior in high school and i am curently 17.( dont forget my birthday!!!!April 15th!!!) Most people that know me, know i have mega boy issues, but what girl doesnt hahaha ( no offense boyz :p)I love to have fun and joke around. I'm really sad that it's getting cold out because I'm more of a spring kinda girl :[. Anywho message me (I love random messages :]) and check out my art! Not to mention i love it when you guys read my posts and comment on them, it really helps me get through things. Thanks Kitty-chan and page 7! You two are my besties here:]

<333 Tiff


We won our game.... but idk.... im very sad becuz of a certian guy issues *sighs* not to mentioned it rained all night so i was soaked like a puppy :/ anyways heres pics


we had off today and last friday! Our football game was great! It poured down rain but we still won 57 to 7! I had loads of fun cuz i got to drum in the rain and watch it fly and not to mention play beside jon. he was makin fun tho how in band class (at school) i have to play by myself cuz everyone eles is in th eother band .... it sux cuz i dont kno any of the music and you get SCREAMED at by our band instructor *Shivers* that remind sme i have band class tommarwo *sighs* so how is everyone eles ^.^


SO sorry for negleting the o ^.^''' i havent had much time to cuz i was thrown off a horse and went plumiting into a fence it hurt hahah and i had to go to the docotors but im okays now but they wouldnt give me internet access there i wazzz soooo mad! *Sighs* so hows everyone? Skools 2marwo blahhhhhhh im a senior tho!!..:/ well anyways jons ignoring me now and apparently asked 3 of my buds and more to have sex with him -.-' it hurts but i rlly juz need to move on. apparently his gf chy has been cheating on him the whole time and he knows so maybe thats why he's doing it? idk all i kno is he wont talk to me...what a bummer :/


Hello dear friends!! how is everyone doing? im sorrwie i havent been on much, between work and friends i havnt had much time to relax =.=' But yestrday was amazing!!!!!!TYLER CAME TO MY TOWN!!!
its a long story if you dont know who tyler is soo i'll do a quick update ^.^ he's an ADORABLY HOTT guy ((hotter then miu!! le gasp did i say that?!!)) that lives 4hrs away from me (sadly) that is always there for me. He helped me through my Jon times and he and i r sadly friends with benifits some people may dissagree with that but its just how we can only be since the distnace =.='
ANywaysss bcak tto the story It took me forever to get to the game! Kat (my bff) told me she couldnt go see the boys game cuz she was buisy and cancled on me last min. It started 9am and i eventually got there at 6 ^.^'' it was still going but apparently my so called friend was there and lied to me. she's in DEEP water for lieing...-.-' but I GOT TO SEE TYLER!!!!! he's soooo sexy when playing softball *drools* his team won when i got there and went to champs but i had to leave b4 the champ game was over sadly but apparently they lost ... so it look slike i was his good luck charm :/
Now the softball thing he was in was for demoly. dont ask its an organization, idk how to explain it but it has boys boys boys!!!! i was in boy heaven :3 i got 4 guys's numbers! but ty and i couldnt hang together sadly cuz he was playing when i got there (missed his break) and they left today..... they came on fri night (late) games were on sat, then everyone goes home today... they left about 1020 am apparently *tear* ughh thta makes me soo sad ...but he saw me :/


ahh meh and my gaia boy ^.^ we brokes up but got back together again. sweet weve been "going out" 4 a year and a half ^.^