Well ello there! The names Tifa, or Tiff (either works) I'm a senior in high school and i am curently 17.( dont forget my birthday!!!!April 15th!!!) Most people that know me, know i have mega boy issues, but what girl doesnt hahaha ( no offense boyz :p)I love to have fun and joke around. I'm really sad that it's getting cold out because I'm more of a spring kinda girl :[. Anywho message me (I love random messages :]) and check out my art! Not to mention i love it when you guys read my posts and comment on them, it really helps me get through things. Thanks Kitty-chan and page 7! You two are my besties here:]

<333 Tiff


....im just...not having a good day... people keep yellin at me in the drumline and... jons being...ugh... and pep keep yelling at me cuz i kinda started throwing up...andidk... i just want to like dissapear now... i have a headache and im just tired of it all


Yo! i wont let Jonny boi get me down, its my sr yr and im gonna have fun! >O Thankyou guys so much for being there for me! ill work on a pic for both you guys even tho my editor gets verrry mad when i draw for pep and nopt busniess =.=' ^.^''' hahah anyways heres me luvin u guys!


In school

ahhh im in school and totally wanna go home, im so sleepyy TT.TT so much drama lama but hey Jon might come and hang with me at my house :D tho my friends r gonna b mad


Iv been having such a horrible week. Like iv been getting into like ALOT of hard core trouble, pep r being mean, and im always getting yelled at by someone like a friend, my drum instructor, my editor, the vice principle (dont ask TT.TT), everyone... ahhh im so sick of it... i have such a headache i cant stand it : / and this week started off bad cuz i juz got my 1st detention in da morning... woopeeeee.... : [ i needs a ahug... well heres pics i took today to cheer myself up lol... i look like im 12 tho -.-'

<33 Tiff


AHHH i got my cell phone taken away!! its a go phone and i pay for it myself and i just refilled it and my evil band teacher takes it!!! like we were playing and i was having a hard time on snare drums( its my 1st yr on snare and im the only snare in the class) and he kept yelling at me saying i was doing it all wrong and stuff and i was getting frustrated. so that made me mess up even more. so he basicly asked me if i was stupid and i didnt respond so he just yelled " you know what dont play at all!" so i was trying to calm down by telling one of my friends the story. well she txted back and said " o dont worry about it. juz shove ur drumstick up his fat ass" and i laughed outloud and told my friend spencer beside me it and he over heard and took my phone. I was so mad i like cried all fourth block : [