Well ello there! The names Tifa, or Tiff (either works) I'm a senior in high school and i am curently 17.( dont forget my birthday!!!!April 15th!!!) Most people that know me, know i have mega boy issues, but what girl doesnt hahaha ( no offense boyz :p)I love to have fun and joke around. I'm really sad that it's getting cold out because I'm more of a spring kinda girl :[. Anywho message me (I love random messages :]) and check out my art! Not to mention i love it when you guys read my posts and comment on them, it really helps me get through things. Thanks Kitty-chan and page 7! You two are my besties here:]

<333 Tiff


welll its sunday and iv been soooo buisy. the high school musical play is opening this thursday so hopfully after this week i'll be on more. how is everyone doing? : ] tell me anything pwez


sry iv been so buisy. im in high school musical (just a random jock) and practice is after school till 9pm and by then i get home do homeopwrk and sleep.... tonight we got out early but i had to go straight to drumline... and jon was being an ass as usual.... and im just rlly upset now : [ as usual...*sighs* not to mention so many pep have been asses to me calling me dumb and saying i cant do somthing or be somthing.... im just tired...

-this time was differant, felt like i was just a victim. ANd you cut me like a knife, when you walked out of my life. Now i'm in this condition and i got all the symtoms of a girl with a broken heart but no matter what youll never see me cry..._


ok well saturday was planned out that id go see ty ( a cute boy i nvr met but tlk to thru txt cuz my friend kne him but he lives like 4 hrs away) play football for him town against other towns in our state. see luckly for me they played at a place that is like 5 min from my house. and they litt played ALL DAY so i was planning to go at like 9am and stay till like 10 pm. well apparently i had a parade i had to b in for drums from 9-12 so i was forced there. ty was excited, i was ( i made him cookies) and i was like ready at like 1 but then my ride didnt cum till 3. but i got to c him!!! i was sooo happy... except we didnt talk.. and idk he kinda stood me up but he said it was cuz he was too shy to talk to me cuz i was pretty... its cute but idk if it was juz a line used so i wouldnt b mad at him... idk... hes cute : ].... to good to be true... idk wat to think. i mean i stayed there till 12 at night juz waiting for him to cum to me cuz he said he would... but he nvr did. but dang he is a BEAST at football...no lie haha.. anyways the circled guy is ty : ]

tiffa <33333


we lost our homecoming : [... but i had a good friday... haha i smoked for the first time with a cute boi named derek... hopfully he'll help me get ovr jon :p o btw jon and i are all good! yay! haha he and i r in the big pic! tell me wat u think :p

<33 ya


Im sick, my friend and her "Boyfriend" broke up..... i gots a headache an my tummies doesnt feel good =.=''' and jons not talkin to me... and its only monday lol