Well ello there! The names Tifa, or Tiff (either works) I'm a senior in high school and i am curently 17.( dont forget my birthday!!!!April 15th!!!) Most people that know me, know i have mega boy issues, but what girl doesnt hahaha ( no offense boyz :p)I love to have fun and joke around. I'm really sad that it's getting cold out because I'm more of a spring kinda girl :[. Anywho message me (I love random messages :]) and check out my art! Not to mention i love it when you guys read my posts and comment on them, it really helps me get through things. Thanks Kitty-chan and page 7! You two are my besties here:]

<333 Tiff


well how is everyone? im good! tomm im going to disney as a skool trip till sat night! yaay! umm hope everyone had an awsome xmas and a amazing new year! : D btw ii get to see jon on this trip! yay! btw the pics i took were on xmas morning X3 i look like such a dork in my glasses. feel special cuz i NEVER wear them

LUvv Tiff


idk im kinda down.. derek ment like alot to me and last night he was so mean... like last night was the dance and i did ask him to go w/me but he said no cuz hes not into dances. So when i got done w/the dance i hung out with him and two of his friends (who i kinda)to smoke. so i sneak out of my house and we juz chill with his friends in his car and he juz kept being sooo mean. he first ignored me for 20 min then told me to fuck myself like 5 times, called me a stupid ass cunt, and that i was being abitch cuz i wouldnt get him alch... ughhh i juz don kno wat to do... i need advice cuz he use to be soooo nice to me and now...:[ the 1st two pics are at the dance, the last two is from after i got done hanging with derek... dont be fooled i was pissed off and rlly sad ....honestly i was haha


well xmas is coming up so quickly o.O its rlly scary haha anyways im gonna try to make `page 7 and kitty chan a xmas pic ^.^ sooooooooo hopfully i can find scanner acess :o ummm... well been seeing jony boy alot...idk if thats god or bad.. and derek`.... h`e can b so mean sumtimes but thats juz his personality... think` of` him` like kyo from Fruits baskets.`... he has such a temper .....o.o' but he tries ^.^' ummm so wats new` o.o

heya guys

hey sorry i have been out for like ever, i got grounded cuz i got caught hosting a party at my house ^.^' lifes been good here... derek and i havent gone anywhere... and all of asudden jon is starting to come back into the picture randomly. he started txting me and commengting on my pics sayin i look cute and stuff... ahh he cant do that!!! i juz got over him.... *sighs* and recently my editor started poking at me about finalizing my series of Be MIne.... its sooo much work tho and between this, college stuff and drama iv been crazy and overwhhelmed @.@ well how r u luvs??

<33 always


its soooo cold!!! heya guys!! how are ya ^.^ im doing okays. iv had a mini cold with me but its all good. iv been partying and chillin with derek alot! tomm im going to ask him to our christmas dance, wish me luck cuz im terrified o.o'... skool has been goin ok.... rumors about me leak around school like a dead virus, by my old friends.... my current friends stick up for me but im just not caring anymore. well hope u guys had a wonderful turkey day!!! :] enjoy the cold cuz i kno im not *curls in blankets*
"its not a matter of why, its all about how" - derek