Help Japan!!!

Hiya, Mina here!!

I'm sorry if I'm repeating what everyone on the internet is saying, but I'll say it again.
Japan needs us!!!
We are the lucky reciepients of their enteertainment, and we must help them!!! I heard about the nuclear issues and since I have an American freind living there, it is scary! I've tried to convince her to get on one of the American envoy planes, but she said she wasn't leaving her Japanese family there to suffer.
If you can, help donate to the cause and donate money to the Otaku fund on site!!! Even if it is 10 bucks, it will help a lot of people!!

I have already donated $100 to the Japanes red cross, and i urge you to donate too!!

Sorry for the short post, but I got to go!!!

Signing out!