Story Idea?!

Hi, Mina here!!!!~
It's been a crazy month! I have had so much happen! I'm also kinda tired of this "always bored" thing I keep doing if I don't have sports or afterschool activities.

Okay, enough babble! 520 views on this world! Tis is awesome! I hope people are actually reading all these post!!!!

Last night, I had a weird, scary dream.
I was an ivestigative highschool reporter, working my school newspaper and had an internship to a local newspaper.
My parents died when I was young, so I was taken in by an FBI agent who taught me all the tricks of investigating. I lived alone in an apartment.
There were a string of teenager deaths around the country. Some are poisoned, some are stabbed, some are raped and killed. The only thing relating them together was that these bodies were appearing at the doorsteps of churches.
My job was to figure out this mystery. One of my freinds even got involved!
The killings were done by a new cult that appeared and was created by purist christian teenagers. They thought scuicide was the greatest thing to please christ, and that sex was exceptable (reproducing to spread the children of christ). There were rituals of such things.

Yeah, i think my brain is overworking itself again. who knows what it will be next time. Flying pigs?!

Tell me what you think of this!!! It will be greatly appreciated!!!

Signing out!!