Who Knew Shakespeare Would Make An Awesome Anime?!

Romeo × Juliet
Synopsis: “Once upon a time, in The Sky Continent known as New Verona where the all-powerful ability to hover in the distant sky breathes life and prosperity upon the people. However, foolish passions will someday transcend eternity. Now let me introduce to you the tragic story of innocent pure love tormented by fate in the midst of chaos, Romeo and Juliet.”

The Highlights
Original Play: More powerful and tragic than Gonzo can ever recreate
Lena Park: Josh Groban would be so proud of her stellar cover version
Adaptation: From complex sorrowful famous novel to warm subtle animation
Animation: Fluid and sublime amidst surreal new world
William Shakespeare: … in the show too!?

Apart from Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear, the original play written by English playwright William Shakespeare is perhaps one of the most popular piece of literary work in history. Its fame can be credited for setting the benchmark for an all-time tragic romance between two immortal characters, Romeo and Juliet. This benchmark includes the terms ’star-crossed lovers’, ‘love at first sight’ and the romance that should have but never was. Hundreds of adaptations have been made based on the play, therefore making it utterly difficult for a piece of adaptation to stand out from the rest. Gonzo has attempted to do so in the form of their high-budgeted Romeo × Juliet.

The Nihon Review

I love this anime. It is so heart-wrenching but bueatiful. It gives Romeo and Juliet a whole new meaning. It made me cry and and happy at the same time. You should definantly watch it!!!

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