The Heart of Black and White (Synopsis)

A synopsis of my very own love/fantasy novel i wrote about 3 years ago!

‘The Hearts of Black and White’ tells the story of an overprotected Princess of a kingdom called Crystellia, Princess Soleiress. She inherits the power of a White Mage from her ancestors. She has everything a girl could ever wanted; the finest accessories, the finest dresses, luxurious life but still unhappy.
Forbidden to leave the castle grounds, Her Highness can only watch the freedom around her kingdom from the balcony of her room. Curious to know how it feels to be outside of the castle, she snuck out of the castle at dawn. For the first time she felt free and happy, walking through the busy streets of the marketplace and watching the amazing shows performed by the street performers. It was there when she met a young man named Virrus, a handsome young Black Mage. It was love at first sight. However, there are stories to be told about this Black Mage which may lead to devastating disasters.
A group of evil, vengeful men are out to hunt Virrus down. Guided by probably the most powerful Black Mage in the world, these normal human men are given the power of the Black Mage only to use it to end Virrus’ life. But can they do it? After finding out that his daughter was missing, the King commands his soldiers to find her and capture the one who is responsible, which mistakenly was Virrus. Easily escape from the dungeon, Virrus visits Soleiress almost everyday without being detected by the guards and by the King and Queen. Since she only knew little about magic, he taught her more. They became much closer than ever. But things won’t be as calm and easy as it looks. The evil group of Black Mages will attack at any time. Plus, greedy and merciless criminals are out to get their hands on the Princess. What will become of these two children from two totally different worlds?