My Fiance's an Assassin Synopsis... by yours truly (again)

Esmee Odellie is just a typical high school girl who lives with her father and works as a part-time waitress. But her life changes when her father’s friend introduced her to his son, Ogden Kaiser. They were to be engaged under certain reasons. However, little do Esmee knows that Ogden is actually a merciless, professional infamous assassin. Esmee had to deal with school, work and his assassin fiancé as well. She tries her best to make him stop his sinful career and to brighten up his life after his tragic past. They both lost their mothers at a very young age. Esmee’s mother died of giving birth to her while Ogden’s mother was murdered. Ogden became an assassin only to search for the murderer of his mother and takes his revenge. Will Esmee be able to change his heart? Or will the grudge in Ogden’s heart be with him forever?