Sacrificed Flower... by yours truly

A baby boy was born one night. A beautiful, healthy baby. The baby cried all night, hungry and needed attention. But all the mother did was gave it some milk, changed it and then just put it aside, leaving it to cry its heart out. The reason was he was an unwanted child. The father left long before he was born and all the mother can do to bare their lives was attending immoral prostitution and drug dealing jobs. She was barely able to support them both despite her illness drug addiction and diseases such as AIDS because of her prostitution. Every night, the baby would cry itself to sleep and every day it would cry to get its mother’s attention. But the mother was always too depressed by the misfortunes she was facing and had no time to nourish and comfort her baby. But there is something special about this baby, something that will change everyone’s life. It was given a special power to heal. The boy grew older. About seven years old, he discovered this incredible power. One evening his mother was cutting the vegetables and accidentally cut her finger. The boy heard her cry because of the stinging cut. She rustles around the house to find bandages. But then her son approaches her, takes her hand and their hands glow together. She didn’t have a clue what he was doing and what was happening. The glow was bright and gentle, beaming yet calming. She can feel that her cut finger was feeling odd, as if it was being healed instantly. She can feel the cut was closing. The glowing started to fade and to her surprise, her finger was completely healed and even the pain went away as well. She was very astonished. Anxious but still amazed. But all of a sudden, the boy gave an aching weep as he held tight on his finger. She took a closer look and realized that the cut on her finger was instead appeared on his finger. In other words, the pain on her finger was transferred to her son’s. She was touched by how very kind and concern he was to help her by willing to bare her pain for her. As her thank you, she treats the boy’s cut and wrapped it with a bandage. Then she just continued with her work without saying anything else.

One day, his mother had a fight with her boyfriend. He just watched them and listened, peeking from the kitchen, terrified from hearing their vile curses and rough language. He then saw his mother being brutally beaten by that ruthless man. He smacked her cheeks about four to five times, stroke her breasts hard with his fists and finally, when she crouched down, he kicked her stomach so hard until she coughed up blood. The boy tried to stop him but he got pushed away. A small boy like him cannot take on a big man like that. All he can do was watch his mother crying on the floor as the man left, looking satisfied. The mother wept and sobbed as her caring son crawled towards her, concerned. He was about to use his powers again but she denied his help. She got on her feet, exited the house and drove away, leaving the boy alone once again in confusion and trauma.

She drove the car without any apparent purpose, troubled by her problems and suffering. She was not focusing on the road. Interrupted by her thoughts, she forgot to turn on the lights and faced a more horrible fate. She was too late to avoid a truck heading towards her way from the opposite direction, crashed and died on that spot. She had now permanently left her confused and innocent child alone at home, without knowing that his mother was gone completely.

15 years later, in a peaceful and serene town, surrounded with beautiful flowers and sceneries. At the outskirts of the town, a little girl was plucking some flowers. The girl’s name was Freesia, the name of the type of flowers she was plucking. She was redundant with smiles and giggles.
“Mommy will love these! I can’t wait to give them to her!” she said to herself and ran back home with the bunch of flowers in her hands. She ran along the streets and accidentally tripped and hurt her knee. It was only a small cut but she almost cried because she was very delicate. Her flowers dropped all over the ground.
“Ow…” she moaned with her eyes turn into water. But then, a stranger crouched down to her asking, “Are you all right, sweetie?”
She looked at his face. He was handsome and a face that can give trust to anyone who sees him. His smile was breathtaking and his gentle hands were heartwarming. Freesia just remained silent, shy.
“Oh my… you hurt your knee. Here… let me take that pain away from you, okay?” the stranger said softly as he put his palm onto the cut. Freesia closed her eyes, scared that it might hurt her. But then, she saw a glow and right after, her small cut was no more. She was very amazed and looked at the stranger with her wide eyes open.
“There… that should do it” he said as he gave his hand to her. She took it and he helped her to stand back up. She was very timid as she twirled her small body side to side, “Umm… thank you, mister” she said with her cute small voice.
“Your welcome” said the stranger as he started collecting the flowers and handed them to her.
“Be careful next time, okay?” he said with a warm smile. The girl smiled back with a nod.

Back home, Freesia’s mother, Rose, received the flowers from her daughter and she accepted them with full of love.
“Oh my, honey! They’re beautiful! Thank you” she said as she hugged her daughter.
“I will put them somewhere where it looks most beautiful!” she added as she put them inside a vase and placed them near a window where the sun can shine to its petals. Freesia was proud of herself for picking the perfect flowers for her mother.
“Oh! I met a really nice man earlier!” she said to her mother. Rose turned to her with a little jump.
“A nice man? Who?” she asked.
“Well… I didn’t get to ask his name but he was REALLY nice! He magically made my knee better when I tripped!” said Freesia. Rose was confused and surprised. Is her daughter telling the truth? Or is it the imagination of a seven-year-old.
“Magic?” Rose asked.
“Uh-huh! Magic! It was amazing!” the small girl said out loud with hand movements. Rose just nodded, believed that it was only a magic trick or maybe imaginations.
“Well then… I would love to meet him, sweetie” she said, playing along as she combed her daughter’s hair with her fingers.

The next day, Freesia and Rose went for a walk around town, shopping for groceries. Freesia was skipping with carefree while her mother watched her happily, knowing that she has no worries inside her heart.
“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor! I want to help people! Just like what that nice man did to me yesterday!” said Freesia. Rose just smiled, listening to her daughter. She coughed a couple of times and almost tripped. But someone caught her before she hit the ground. It was the nice man Freesia talked about. Rose was embarrassed and quickly got up. Freesia was looking very delighted.
“HEY! It’s you! Mommy!! He was the one I was talking about!” Freesia introduced him to her mother. Rose was surprised.
“Oh! I am very sorry. I should have watched where I was going” she apologized.
“That’s all right. It was an accident” he replied. He then crouched down to Freesia as he rubs her round head.
“It’s really nice to meet you again! What business are you and your mommy doing?” he asked.
“We’re shopping for lunch and dinner!” said Freesia and then she turned to her mother, “Oh! Mommy! Can he come over and have lunch with us!? Please!!” she begged her mother. Rose was a little troubled but she was still smiling. She looked at him. She knows that she can trust him from that innocent face.
“Of courses, sweetheart!” Rose said. Freesia was very happy to hear that and started bouncing with joy. Rose and the young man just laughed softly watching the little girl’s excitement. Then, they looked at each other, telling each other ‘children will always be children’.

They walk together back home.
“So are you new to this town?” Rose asked the young man as he helped to carry the groceries.
“Yes. I’m a healer actually” the young man replied.
“A healer!? Wow… you look too young to be one of those” said Rose, astonished.
“Yes, I know. Everyone said that before” the young man replied.
“I want to be a doctor just like you someday!” said Freesia.
“And you will!” the young man encouraged her with his warm smile. Rose was very impressed by how gentle he handles children and others.
“We haven’t know your name yet, actually” said Rose. Hearing that, the young man gave a sudden silent. Freesia and Rose were a little surprised why. They looked at each other and back to him.
“Did I say something that offended you?” Rose asked. The young man quickly replied, “No, no! Well… I never had a name… but everyone I treated called me Doctor Miracle… I don’t know why but I guess it’s because that I haven’t failed to lose any of my patients before”
“Doctor Miracle? Well… that IS some name… You must be a very good healer to have been called by that name” Rose complimented.
“Well… not really…” said the doctor, looking embarrassed by her compliment.
“But still… You never had a name?” Rose asked. The young man shook his head slowly. All three were quiet and it was Freesia’s duty to cheer things up.
“That’s okay! We’ll give you a name!” she said. Rose and the young man looked at her with surprise.
“Let’s see… your name shall be---….” Freesia said as she tapped her chin with her finger, thinking.
“Freesia… picking a name for the doctor is a very tough work…” said Rose. “So I guess we’ll just have to keep searching until we find the perfect name for you…” she added as she looked at his face. The young man felt appreciated and cared for, for the first time of his life. Rose once again coughed a couple of times.
“Are you okay?” the young doctor asked, concerned.
“It’s okay… just a sore throat” Rose replied.
“So I heard from Freesia that you magically heal people’s cuts” she said.
“He DID! It was amazing! Didn’t you, doctor!?” Freesia said.
“Well… I wouldn’t call it ‘magic’…” the young doctor said, chuckling with embarrassment by the compliments.
“Maybe that’s why they call you Doctor Miracle” Rose teased him.

Everyday, the young doctor spent his time with Freesia. Having walks, playing, talking to each other, laughing and being a part of the family. Rose watched them playing outside through the window. She was very impressed by the young man’s love for children. He treated Freesia like his own child. Rose coughed again. She was looking pale. Since the young doctor was a traveler, Rose and Freesia insisted that he should stay with them. The young man was very helpful around the house. People are starting to know about his amazing healing powers and he healed many people during his stay, free of charge. They still have not found a perfect name for him yet. But the name will come soon.

One morning, Rose came to his room with a tray of food and water for breakfast. She entered as she said, “Morning, doctor! I brought some---…” she stopped talking when she saw the doctor had his shirt off. She quickly turned away.
“Oh! I’m sorry! I should have knocked first!” she said but she realized something and turned back. The doctor’s body was covered in bandages. From the neck to the chest, to the belly, and all over his arms. Even before, his right cheek had always had a plaster on. Rose was very surprised and confused.
“Doctor…?” Rose called slowly without moving from where she was standing.
“You should know something about my powers…” the doctor said. Rose was listening.
“Every time I heal… the person’s pain will transfer into my body… that includes cuts, bruises, wounds, diseases and pains…” he added. They both remained quiet. Rose was very touched that he was willing to give his life away just to give health to others but she was also confused and shocked. She finally believed Freesia about this young man.
“I’m…. sorry…” Rose apologized; felt that she may have offended him before.
“You don’t have to apologize… I’m doing this for myself, too… there’s only one thing I love more than helping others… and that is to see them happy… to live their life the way they want it to” said the doctor with a smile that hid his true pain. Hearing that touched Rose’s heart. How a man can be this kind hearted and caring? He was more than a human. He was an angel.

One afternoon, Rose and the doctor accompanied Freesia to the outskirts of the town where she picked the flowers. They watch her as she plays around on the field of flowers with butterflies and cute small critters roam about.
“She sure is cute when she’s laughing” said the doctor. Rose remains quiet, looking troubled. The young doctor can sense that.
“Is something wrong?” he asked.
“You don’t need to bear the pain for others…” Rose suddenly said. The doctor figured that it was still about him, sacrificing himself for the sake of others.
“That’s the only thing I can do…” he said. Rose then coughs again which concerns him very much.
“Are you sure it’s just a soar throat? It sounds worse than before” he said.
“I’m fine… don’t worry” Rose said with a smile. The doctor can feel that it was not fine.
“All right… but if it gets worse… I won’t hesitate to use my powers on you, okay?” the doctor said with a smile. Rose did not reply anything as he approaches Freesia into the field of flowers. She was concerned bout his health for having to probably bear with hundreds of people’s pain before. Freesia was giggling happily, playing. The doctor crouched next to her and said, “You know what these flowers are called, Freesia?”
“They are called freesia!” she said, delightfully. “I know that’s why I like to play here!” she added.
“They are very delicate… and very beautiful… just like you and your mother…” he said in his mind. “Not like what I experienced…”, he added, referring to how his life was when he was very young. Looking at Freesia and Rose, he realized how unfortunate he was back then. But now, he was thankful to have met them. For the first time, he felt like he had a real family. Suddenly, they hear something dropped and they were shocked to see Rose collapsed.
“Mommy!!?” Freesia called.
“Rose!!” the young doctor cried as he rushed over towards her.

Later, Rose was resting on her bed. She was looking better after taking a few medicines and forbid the young doctor from using his powers on her. She was sitting with Freesia by her side. The young man then enters with a tray of fresh water.
“How are you feeling, Rose?” the young man asked.
“Much better… thank you for not using your powers” she replied.
“You should have told us sooner that your powers would hurt you, doctor” said Freesia after Rose told her everything. He put the tray on the desk beside the bed and sat on the chair.
“I know I should have… but I just can’t…” he said. “I can’t stand people enduring their pain for me… like what my mother did before…” he added. Rose and Freesia remained silent, feeling pity for him.

After a few days, Rose was getting better and better. She continued with doing the house chores and enjoying her days with Freesia and the young man. She was in the kitchen, washing dishes while Freesia and the young man were out. And that was when she coughed until she coughed up blood.

Freesia and the young man were sitting on a hill, enjoying the cool breeze and beautiful scenery together.
“So have you picked up a name for me?” he asked.
“I’ve found a lot but none of them suits you! The best doctor deserves the best name!” Freesia said. The young man smiles with chuckles to see how energetic and caring Freesia is.
“I might have to leave this town soon…” he said.
“What!? NO! You can’t leave!” Freesia said quickly.
“I have to… there are hundreds of hurting people out there… I can’t just ignore them” he said.
“And you can’t ignore mommy and me, too! Please! Promise me you won’t go!” Freesia begged, showing him how cared she is towards him. He was very touched how a little girl care of him so much.
“Okay then…” he said with a nod.
“Thanks, doc… you’re an angel” said Freesia as she leans to him. That sweet moment was interrupted when a man rushed towards them in a hurry.
“Doctor!!” he called. They turned to him, surprised and anxious what was it about.
“Freesia… I am sorry… Your mother---…” the man was stuttering, unwilling to tell her the truth.

They rushed back home where lots of people are gathering around. Including the people who are in charge of the funeral. Freesia squeezed herself into the crowd to get to her mother. The young doctor was left behind.
“MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!!” she cried out loud with tears streaming down her cheeks. There she was, Rose. Lying lifeless on her bed, surrounded with their neighbours. They were very sorry for Freesia to have lost her mother. She kneeled beside the bed and started to led out her cry.
“MOMMY!!! DON’T GO!!” she cried out loud, sobbing and hiccupping. She cried ‘mommy, mommy’ over and over again. But Rose did not give a reaction. She was gone and will never come back. The young doctor was very shocked and slowly approached to them. He kneeled next to Freesia, also feeling to cry. He looked at Rose’s face. She looked more like sleeping rather than dead. He was thinking long and cannot bear to hear Freesia’s cries. He puts his hand onto Rose’s temple and his hand started to glow. Everyone there watched him with a little surprise. The glow faded and he took his hand off her. After a moment, her eyes opened with surprised. Everyone was astonished. This is a miracle!! She came back to life.
“Mommy!!” Freesia cried and immediately hugged her mother. Rose hugged back with disbelief that she came back to life. The neighbours approach the young doctor to congratulate and thank him but he suddenly collapsed. They all were shocked. Especially Rose and Freesia. Freesia rushed to him and started to shake him up.
“NO! You can’t go!! NO!! I just found a name for you!! YOU CAN’T GO!! YOU PROMISED YOU WON’T GO!! YOU CAN’T LEAVE US, ANGEL!!” Freesia cried out loud, calling the young doctor with a name she chose for him, Angel.
“ANGEL!! NO!!!” Freesia cried out loud as she hugged Angel tight and grasping her small fingers onto his clothes. Her tears dripped onto his cheeks yet his eyes remained closed. He took Rose’s place with a smile on his lips. He knew that she will always be happy with her. His final sacrifice was for the ones he loved. It was worth it. No matter how hard it had to be. Something valuable that goes away had to be replaced with another, something that is as valuable.