Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 10 of 10

His mind flashed back to the ambulance and its sirens screaming as they pulled away.
"That kid, making me worry as if I was his father..., really..." with a grunt he switched a power button for the neon sign that screamed open off and locked the doors behind him. "Well, better check in with his parents."
"Houn..., how ironic..." "A father, really now..., heh, should've seen this one coming..." pulling one hand through his hair he sighed despite his small smirk. Maeta tugged his hand, freeing one of her own to walk ahead.
"Come on, mister boss man, take me to big brother." Blinking, he took out his worn out silver keys from his pocket, noting the fact that they were at the entryway already. It had taken him nearly a full half hour to get as far as he did earlier, and yet going back seemed only to take around five minutes.
“Uh, how did we-” Neiyo shook his head, if she explained that, it would be like the old saying ‘never look into a gift horse’s mouth’. “…You know what, never mind…” He unlocked the car, opening the front passenger’s door for Maeta and shutting it when he knew for sure that she was in.
Going around the back end he stopped for a moment, an idea forming in the back of his head. Grinning to himself he walked to the driver’s seat, opening it with one swift movement, the doors already unlocked from the passenger’s door being unlocked. “Now then, if your hungry, we can get something on the way there, don’t worry about the cost, its on me.” Her eyes lit up, grinning like a madman, err…, madwoman…
“Really, you would do that?” the seatbelt strapped in place was the only thing keeping her from bouncing with joy and excitement. He chuckled at her response, and with an eyebrow raised said that ‘he would take that as a yes…’ and drove out of the neighborhood, glancing back at an old house. Just ordinary, a small pot of pansies with washboard white siding and a simple window next to a worn-out pine door, black shingles falling off.