Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 8 of 10

Shrugging he turned ignition key making the engine roar to life. He put his foot onto the petal, the tires turning with ease as he pulled away. Yoru's body tensed as he cautiously crept along the roads, his mind screaming to go far away, but his determination would not let him turn his car around. The streets were old and dusty. Alleys littered with old cardboard boxes and cans of long since emptied beer lay discarded among the dirt. The mustang pulled up to Hoshi Drive, its owner leery of anyone that walked by. Hoshi Drive was an old abandoned business and apartment strip; most of the structures were condemned. Seven sixty two Hoshi Drive was one of those buildings. Walking up to the front of the building after making certain that the car was in fact secure, he cautiously walked in, the door being broken apart long ago. Rats scampered across broken bottles made of glass; only one or two beat up cardboard boxes could be seen, seemingly in use for clothing and other personal items, as few as he had. Gritting his teeth, the ‘great and famous’ Neiyomaru Yoru went further in, appalled by the state of his employee’s circumstances of living. Broken stairways and rotting wood littered the next room. Walls with torn wallpaper that was most likely blue at one point loomed over the shadows cast by its unexpected guest. A head of dirty black hair peeked from the edge of the southern hallway. Green eyes nervously looked over their visitor, partially curious yet fearful at the same time. Gathering her courage, she stepped behind him, lightly tapping his shoulder with hesitance.
"Hi, what are you doing here mister?" Neiyomaru looked at the child, he wasn't aware of Houn having a sister...