Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 7 of 10

"What do you want, state your business for being here?" She glared shrewdly at the young man at her door. He stared for a split second and recomposed himself.
"Are you Mrs. Abunai?" she snorted at Neiyo, her short blonde hair contrasting her scowl.
"Yeah…, so what of it?" Inwardly groaning, he answered calmly.
"Your son Houn is in the hospital." She glared at him with the most hate filled gaze she could muster, her voice full of venomous malice.
"Houn doesn't live here, thank god, that abomination isn't any son of mine anymore." "Now get away from my property, Houn is just a freak of nature, good for nothing more than beating." She slammed the door in his face and the husband must've woken up according to the shouting. The older man came to the window, his black hair making him seem even darker against his onyx colored eyes. Shouting out the window at a silenced and especially stunned Neiyomaru.
"Don't you come back around here, that freak of a human being is better off dead." The man drew the light blue curtains and the house grew quiet. Houn's father spoke once more."Tell Houn if he comes back he better get ready for 'it' to happen again." "Now leave or I will get my gun." Neiyomaru got into his car and left. He was shocked beyond words, his kindest, most loyal employee, came from such a hateful couple?
"How the heck can Houn stand that aura of malice..., and what did that man mean by 'it'?" Taking another look at the paper he noticed a second address. "Huh, what’s this, seven sixty two Hoshi Drive?" "Better check this one out as well, who knows what this is...."