Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 6 of 10

Pulling at his green tee, he shook his head and put his black trench coat on. "That kid, making me worry as if I was his father..., really..." with a grunt he switched the neon sign that screamed open off and locked the doors behind him. "Well, better check in with his parents." Taking the keys in hand he found the right one for his jet black classic mustang. "Let's see..., I never really looked at his place..., ah here it is." the glove box made a clicking sound as it shut again. "Five fifty-four Tsuki Ave." "That's in the downtown district..." It took him around twenty minutes to get to the town house where Houn's parents lived. He got out of his car and locked it, setting the alarm system as well for good measure. He walked up to the front of the drive, taking mental note of the worn out shape of the small shack-turned house.Plain and ordinary, just a small pot of pansies, nothing more was in sight. Washboard white siding and a simple economy size window next to a worn-out pine wood door adorned the front wall. Black shingles were beginning to fall off the house. He noticed a knocker on the door, using it to lightly yet firmly strike against the pine three times. A woman in her mid thirties opened the door, the cigarette ashes falling from the tip onto the concrete side walk. She scanned the visitor with blank eyes, as if his knocking had woken her from a nap. The woman pulled on her black tee, the blue jean shorts barely covering anything. She set her can of beer onto an end table near the door and regarded him.