Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 5 of 10

"This looks bad, better check underneath the shirt.”He pulled the shirt up halfway eye coal colored eyes widened a little. “Holy-" "This kid is all skin and bone." grimacing at his newest patient’s condition while rolling the shirt back down, waving Kureno and Neiyomaru over.
"Pull his shirt up Kureno..., he needs to see this." Kureno, one of the sole male medics at the scene carefully pulled the shirt back up, and with it came three expressions, one solemn, another horrified and the last in shock.
"Houn..., how the heck did you get like that...?" the employer looked away grimly, no longer able to stand his employee's withered torso that looked like a skeleton painted a deep peach tinted ivory. The medics surrounded the frail young man, his breathing almost nothing at this point. Roy, the head medic, ordered them to lower the bed slowly and carefully, placing the teen on the mattress. Shouts of 'He's losing too much blood...' 'Get the IV drip in...' and 'He's not breathing...' echoed throughout the small building. Roy grabbed an oxygen mask that one of his underlings handed over.
"Breathe..., come on, breathe...." Roy had Kureno do the small air pump that was keeping Houn breathing as they moved out the door. The sirens started up again, slowly fading away as they got further from the studio.
"You better pull out of this in one piece, Houn, or so help me when I get up there I'll haunt your astral body all across heaven and back." Neiyo sighed; he was just getting too old for this dramatic crap.