Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 4 of 10

Neiyomaru was in his office sorting out client numbers when he heard an almost otherworldly scream coming from Houn's small yet homey office.
"Houn..., what happened?" he was concerned for his best employee, when it came down to it, knocking once and opening the door...
Houn was on his knees as his arms wrapped around grabbing at his ribcage. A rusty crimson stain beginning to spread onto his coat. Writhing in inexplicit pain on the floor, his gasps and glazed eyes telling all the horrid truth, he was on the verge of dying. Neiyo's amber orbs widened to the point of popping them from its sockets in absolute inexpressible horror.
"Dear lord..., Houn..., hang on." Neiyomaru ran to the phone at the front desk, rapidly punching in numbers as he tried to stay as calm as possible to explain as much as he could for the time being to the medical sectary on the line. Frantically, two black shoes ran over the bright red carpet, pacing, worried for Houn's health. "It's already been fifteen minutes, how long can a few miles take them?" Sirens began to sound as the ambulance pulled to the driveway. Six medics rushed in the door, its bell jingling from its post up at the corner. Mr. Yoru pointed to his right as someone called for a rolling bed, one medic shouting for an IV to be readied. Houn screamed an unearthly sound as they approached, sending the medics into a frenzy.
One of them spoke, most likely the head medic of the squad.