Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 3 of 10

“So nice of you to come to work today, Houn-san…” His amber and honey rimmed eyes speaking volumes as sparks flew through the air adding to the tension. “I understand you need the job here, really I do…” “However, if you plan on keeping this up, I won’t have a choice, got it?” Houn let out a breath he didn’t know he had. He still had the job. Bowing to his employer, he took his leave out the door and to his small room. The room was nothing special really, just a trashcan, a desk, a cup of supplies and things like that. Overall, it was very plain and conservative. But that didn’t matter to him, what mattered is that it was actually habitable, unlike his ‘home’. He slowly sat down at his desk, beginning to finish a draft for his next client.
“Thank god it’s almost done, and then I can actually have a meal…” “I just hope that it’s not too- His train of speech was cut off by a fiery pain in his side as he bent to pick up a fallen pencil. He clenched his teeth, rebelling against crying out as he finally couldn’t take it anymore. His were eyes wild, glazed in horrid agony as a pair of footsteps got louder among his own agonizing screams.