Untitled part of my novelet I want to make Part 1 of 10

A bright and sunny day was just beginning in Southern Kyoto, the children still asleep in their beds. Summer break had just hit the horizon, bringing with it the sweet sakura blossoms on the strong, sturdy branches on the trees above the line of vision. The paper routes had just been finished, the man of the family reading the newspaper as the women cooked their meals. All was right in this world.
“I’m late again, crap.” “If he catches me I am so dead.”
The young male ran down the street, the decent of incline causing his worn out jeans and brown trench coat that he received from his boss for his last birthday to fly behind him like a trail of leaves left in the wake of a leaf blower. Gritting his teeth he attempted a short barrel roll to go faster down the hills. His wine colored eyes closed tight and silver and white hair in a low pulled back rubber band; the hills flew by him as he roughly rolled down in his feeble attempt. Quickly dusting off his clothing he made a mad dash straight to an old building with a slightly worn out sign that had been bright green, but over the years had become nearly white with the letters fading from its original glossy black. Glancing at the sign to make sure it was the right place.