I'm going a bit off the beaten path this time with a series that's not technically anime -- but it's sure close enough, and TDE has me on a roll with his recent analysis of the show.


Plot: In the world of Remnant, huntsmen and huntresses protect the kingdoms from the mysterious creatures of Grimm.

Thanks to her antics during a high-profile robbery, aspiring huntress Ruby Rose is accepted to the prestigious Beacon huntsmen academy, where she becomes the leader of her own team. Ruby, her sister, Yang, and their friends, Weiss and Blake, soon find themselves fighting much more than just the Grimm as tensions come to a head and secrets threaten to shatter the fragile peace. (Early episodes are standard school dramedy fare with a fairytale twist, but pieces of plot dropped here and there build into quite an involved web of events. The latest season or two have made this web a bit more tangled, and not in a good way. -- A-)

Characters: Even if some of them seem tropey or irritating at first, the main characters, and even some of the supporting cast members, grow and get some real depth as the series progresses. -- A

Artwork & Animation: The cel-shaded 3D style, reminiscent to the DBZ and Naruto fighter games, takes a bit of getting used to, but improves with each season. In the earlier seasons, especially, fight sequences look like something straight out of this type of game. -- B-

Voice Acting: First season -- C | Latest seasons -- B+

Music: Not a huge fan of the hard rock vocal numbers used in some of the fight sequences (because it jars me right out of the scene), but the orchestrated BG music is very nice. -- B

Objectionable Content: blood, occasional profanity

Other: I actually initially quit this series not even halfway through volume 1, but picked it up again after hearing how great the later seasons were. Volume 1 is an introduction to the world and characters, volume 2 sets up all the pieces that later come into play, volume 3 is where all the villains' plotting comes to a climax, and volume 4 is the fallout, where we get a lot of character development. Volume 5 builds up the action again, but this is also the season with the messiest (meaning most convoluted) storytelling and a number of other issues. Finally, volume 6 introduces a second major turning point in the plot.

Volumes 2-4 are my favorite. Volumes 5 and 6 have some elements that I enjoyed and others that I strongly disliked. I may not be watching further.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: Vol 1 -- 2.5/5 | Vol 2-4 -- 4/5 | Vol 5, 6 -- 2/5

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