Plot: After meeting a mysterious traveler, an orphan named Koharu joins Norn, a ship that is home to a team a gifted teens. Koharu is afraid of her own power to wield destructive flames. But she immediately becomes attached to a young man named Kakeru whose power is to grow plants. When Norn comes under attack, the team learns that there may well be a spy among their ranks... (C+)

Characters: The main character is a "Mary Sue" type, and supporting characters are flat (C-)

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: A-

Music: B+

Objectionable Content: profanity, suggestive themes, blood

Other: Norn9 is apparently based on an otome game. The setting and premise are intriguing, and with an idea like this, they could have made something very good. BUT...

The heroine is the closest to a "Mary Sue" character that I have ever seen in a series -- she's an almost obvious self-insert love interest to the male lead, Kakeru. Though it's fairly apparent early on who will end up paired off with who, the show still squanders too much of its time playing matchmaker with the characters and info-dumps almost all of the important plot information in a couple of episodes near the end. Because of the poor storytelling, a series that could have been good ends up being an extremely confusing (but beautiful to look at) mess. And the characters are too flat for the audience to really get invested in them.

Overall Score: B- (If not for the pretty visuals and music, this would easily have fallen into the C range.)

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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