Plot: On the planet Zi, large mechanized lifeforms called "Zoids" are used by humans as tools, and more often as weapons.

Bit Cloud is a junk dealer who comes upon an unusual Zoid belonging to one of the large tournament league teams. No one on the Blitz team had been able to pilot the Liger Zero. But Bit is able to form a partnership with the Zoid and becomes part of the Blitz team. (C+)

Characters: These guys were fairly flat. (C)

Art & Animation: B+

Voice Acting: B-

Music: I don't recall it being good or bad, so it must have been okay. (B-)

Objectionable Content: Mild

Other: Zoids: New Century Zero, as it's called in Japan, is the first Zoids series to air State-side, but takes place later in the story's chronology. The story doesn't have much substance to speak of, but some of the episodes' stories stand out on their own.

The CG is the best in this season and in Chaotic Century.

Overall Score: C+

Recommendation: 2/5

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