Eden of the East

Plot: Three months after the victim-less terrorist attack dubbed "Careless Monday", Saki Morimi is on her graduation trip to Washington D.C. When she runs into a bit of trouble there, she is bailed out by an amnesiac named Akira Takizawa who has nothing on him but a gun and a cell phone charged with over 8 billion yen... (A very involved, well-written and unique story -- A+)

Characters: Interesting but somewhat underdeveloped (B+)

Art & Animation: A-

Voice Acting: Dub -- A-

Music: I can't recall it standing out much (B)

Objectionable Content: Blood, Suggestive/sexual material, profanity

Other: A good story with some really odd (often awkward) factors thrown in. It's not for everybody, but it's an interesting watch.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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