Plot: Tomoya Okazaki is a rough-talking troublemaker with an unstable home life; Nagisa Furukawa is the opposite -- a sickly, sheltered girl with a loving family. Nagisa's goal is to restart the drama club, which was closed down because of a lack of members. Since Tomoya has a lot of time to kill, he agrees to help her. Little does he know where this first step will lead... (B)

Characters: Some really quirky, lovable characters (A)

Art & Animation: A

Music: A

Voice Acting: Original Japanese -- A / Dub -- B

Objectionable Content: Profanity, suggestive themes (though these are both fairly mild)

Other: At the beginning, it takes a while to get used to the quirkiness that is Studio Key; but once things get rolling, it gets good. The second season, After Story, is an emotional rollercoaster. Have some Kleenex handy.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 4.5/5

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