Hello and welcome to my odd life in this big world that alternates from average to thrilling, good to bad, sad to happy ect. I will be posting things about my daily life, I will also post poetry I write and create some links to that. perhaps I'll post some music videos or spice things up with vocaloids. Each day is different and even I dont know what I'll do or what will come my way. But to the bigger point, Welcome to my wonderland, Im pleased you find me so interesting could join me in my random crazed place on the internet. To start us off how about some stuff about me.

Name: Mia (my last name's not important)
Gender: was it not ovious that I'm a girl?
Location: Somewhere in northern California

personality and traits I have: I am shy around people I don't know and have dificulty expressing myself to others. I am quite opinionated but am open minded and have no trouble listening to another side of an argument. People closer to me know that I am a fan of sarcasm an am quite sociable. I am very nice to eveyone who is not a total jerk.

What I believe: I believe every one is entitled to their own opinion. It is wrong to force someone to think otherwise or degrade them for it. You all are free to discuss with me and others about various topics but please don't degrade other people or their work. It will spoil the tea party...

Favorite animes: Ouran high school host club, Fruits basket, Kaichou wa maid sama, Nabari no ou, Mythical detective loki ragnarok, Black butler, Inu x boku, vampire knight, kobato, Code geass, Blue exorcist, Sugar sugar rune, Princess jellyfish, school rumble, pandora hearts, Psycho Pass. (Theres a lot more but I can't remember x_x)

Absolute favorite manga: Kamisama Hajimemashita, Faster than a kiss,charming junkie, sugar sugar rune, Akatsuki no Yona, Kubera (I have read so much its not even funny XD)

Favorite games: Tales of symphonia(1 and 2), Tales of Graces f,Tales of Xillia 2, Final fantasy series, Kingdom heart series, God of war series,rune factory series,The legend of Zelda games, Pokemon and Mario games. (I'm a big fan of role playing games!)

People on the O I know personally:ZelostheGreat (best friend) Rosiechan(sister)

Instruments: I play flute piano and Violin!

Hobbies: Well I'm an otaku... I love reading and swimming too! I hope to major in videogame design and programing.

I'm always up for chatting, and it would be great if you commented, I'm not a fan of talking to just myself.

What I like/want now.



the heat... its alive and killing me with a smile.

Ugh I should've put this up into my introduction. My favorite season is Fall from then it is Winter, spring (though I dislike bees) and last summer. I dislike summer with a passion! Where I live we are having a hot heat wave. I find myself with temperatures up to 110 degrees!

This wouldn't be a problem if this was a normal week. I would hang around the house playing tales of symphonia for the 6th time and browse the web, in my nice air conditioned house.

Unfortunatly this is no normal week, it happens to be the time I have marching camp!(For band) So I get to march in scorching temperture praying my body doesn't have a heat stroke.

But at least I don't live in the desert, I can be thankful for that!

on that not here's a cute pic

First poem~

Well This is one of my poems, I hope you enjoy it
I will warn you its not happy but I will post a happier one soon.


Don't make me laugh,

Their misunderstood fingers are shaking from the cold and are trying to grasp the hand of faith they were told they never had.
Their throats are sore and parched from using a voice that was never heard.
Ears on thir head, ringing with shouts of foreign hatred, it taints the happiness of tomorrows to come, permanently.

Their eyes scream the truth, yet no one can bring themselves to look straight at them,
They choose only to look at the curled horns glued upon their heads.

Soon the guilty are to be sent away, where they will wait for Grim to escort them to the deep abyss,they were sentenced to enter.
Heads will roll and fall to the ground, the eyes on them taking in one last glimpse of the light that was stolen from them.
The truth, shoved into a place hidden right on the surface above a guilty concious; it can only be found by truly using the mind, unfortunatly artificial amnesia has helped most of the jury members fall into a thoughtless sleep.

The word inocent has been confused with the word guilty for a while now...

When the truth is finally released with logic that slaughters any confusion, you find yourself in the wrong...
What should you say? What will you say? What will you say?
Sorry alone doesn't cut it.

Now, you scramble to find a way to run from the consequences like a headless chicken.
And you turn and expect me to help you?
In the name of what, Pity?
You took something irreplacebly precious form us and you expect me to give you more?

It's so cruel to the point that it's comical.

No,never, I refuse to grant you forgiveness for everyone,
Deal with karma yourself; she'll give you the " justice" that according to you, those poor souls deserved.

Was it any good?
Comments please!

Its weird...

Okay aside from Kingdom Hearts, I have found myself with another fine obsession. One that has revived over the year . For some reason it is pokemon.

I remember loving it when I was younger and to this day the games are a great way to kill time. But recently Ive had the urge to watch every single episode of the cheesy yet entertaining show. Its pretty suicidal there are like a thousand somthing episodes. But it'll be a fun challenge, my sister and I will race to see who can finish first. (she started watching them about a month before me so Im at a huge disadvantage)

Any way this had brought me to the big anticipation of waiting for the next game, schedualed to come out in a few months, pokemon black/white 2.

They seem to have some cool trailers up so here they are.

Comes to America October 7th

btw An anime like this would outshine the current one that keeps draging on.
they should stop at 400 it makes my live hard!

Also it you haven't seen smosh's youtube video : pokemon in real life
you should watch it, its hilarious.

A little ticked...

well this is my first post,

Okay so just recently the new kingdom hearts game came out and I really want to play it. Unfortunatly Im broke, without a job and am lacking a 3ds.
So I won't get to play it for a long time.

Okay, I'll live... maybe

But I question the marketing of these games... from my knowledge most of the side games always come out on different systems. Its a good way to expand to more players but to the old players it is an anoyance. Unless I am the only sane one here, I don't think people are going to fork over a bunch of money for a system to play just one game.

Well actually there are alot of people who will do that, myself included.But not for just one game in my case...

I just think that the 3d is not nesissary for the game and that they should release it for the ds and get way more money from regular ds players ANS 3ds players. Then many more of us will win!