42,000+ views raffle WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Thank you, everyone who signed up to be in this raffle!! I was just able to get to the random number generator and here are the winners!!

1st Place: External Image liveeverysecond
2nd Place: External Image iamEssence
3rd Place: External Image Groovy Boar

I actually meant to make this once I hit 40,000 views on this world but completely spaced/ work took over my life. But I want to thank everyone who's stuck with me throughout the years and this is the best way that I could think of doing it is by holding a raffle!!! I hope that a fair bit of people will enter this. I do plan on getting the requests done before this is raffle ends.

Here are my dos and dont's for what I draw
-Humanoid Gijinka's

-Furries/Anthro's/fursona's (Unless the anthro is fairly human looking then we can talk about it.)
-Animal's in general (unless it's with a chibi)
-Overly muscular
-Babies/small children (working on trying to get better with them sorry oTL)


  • Just comment below that you would like to enter


1st Place

  • Knee up Couples DONE
  • Full body of one character LINED
  • Chibi couple (can be of same couple from knee up) SKETCHED
  • Chibi of one character SKETCHED

2nd Place

  • Full body of one character SKETCHED
  • Chibi of one character LINED
  • Chib Headshot LINED

3rd Place

  • Knee up of one character SKETCHED
  • Chibi of one character DONE