I Will have a Raffle soonish

My watchers raffle ended Sunday and I just announced the winners on there today. Once I get those done and the requests done from here I'll be holding a raffle here. This world has over 41,000 views and I really want to have a raffle for it. So hopefully I can actually get the prizes going soon and I'm planning on working on the requests tonight. I have one of them lined, but all three of them are sketched out and on my laptop. I just need to find the energy to actually crank them out.

SO just keep a look out for the raffle/ new RP world that is going to be a Miraculous RP. I've decided that is actually going to happen. PSST if you want to join and you already know what you want to do for a miraculous you can reserve the miraculous here and comment (just can't have both ladybug and cat miraculous, gotta share the loves!!)