Miraculous RP Take 2 + Profile draft

So Yes I am very much so on the verge of making this RP a thing. I was just wondering if we should have some of the kwami (like Nooroo) be on the bad side (obviously it would be because of the intentions of the miraculous holder and not the kwami themselves.

What do ya'll think? I'll more than likely be working on things/ writing them down while I babysit today and be able to type up what I have and post it when I get home today. I was also thinking that yes we will be using the kwami that already exist (this is including the peacock, fox, and bee miraculous even though they haven't shown up in the show yet.) but we can also make our own of course we can totally talk about it on this post if you have a really good idea for a new miraculous.

for the profile I was thinking along the lines of this, let me know what you would like to see added/ taken out.

Sexual Orientation:
Miraculous holder?: (yes or no)
(if yes please fill out if no please put a - or NA for now, you never know)
Miraculous: Earings(Ladybug), Ring(Cat), Bracelet(Jade Turtle), Comb(Bee), Necklace(Fox), Hairpin(Peacock), Brooch(Butterfly), etc...(obviously if you are making another miraculous it can be any one of the one's mentioned as well just different, but there's so much stuff out there to be creative with)
Kwami: Tikki(ladybug), Plagg(cat), Nooroo(butterfly), Wayzz(turtle), etc...(we can make up names for the bee, fox, and peacock till they're announced for what their names are. Then obviously you can name your own Kwami just make sure it has a repeated letter in it.)
Superhero Name: (Ladybug will remain the same. Chat can have some different variations but he needs to be some form of black cat for the name)
Superhero Outfit: (does not have to look like what it does in the show, I'd actually prefer it if you came up with your own outfit)
Catchphrase: (like for ladybug it's spots on, and Chat it's Claws out)
Special power: (like Lucky charm and Cataclysm, P.S. those cannot change if you are ladybug and chat)
History: (I was thinking that we can start from the beginning and have whoever has a miraculous find it and then develop our characters from there. So this is your character's past before the miraculous.)
Fun Facts: (what's quirky about your character that no one other than their best friend would know/ they might even not know)
Likes: (at least 3)
Dislikes: (at least 3)