RIP Tablet EDIT headshot/ Chibi requests CLOSED

I think my Tablet has kicked the bucket I can't get my computer to pick it up at all )--)o Should I just break down and by a really good new tablet (that's like $100. I wish I could afford a touch screen one, I would actually sketch more digitally if I had one Or should I see if I can't get my old one to work again?

EDIT: So after trying everything that I could to get my tablet to work I couldn't make it work )--)o So this morning after I got done with my running around I broke down and bought the new tablet. It should be here on Wednesday after I get home from work. I actually work the morning shift so I'll be home around 6pm EST. Which means I'll more than likely livestream so I can get use to the new tablet. Probably even take requests depending on how I feel.

But for now I'll open up some Headshot/ Chibi requests.
It can be the chibi headshot like this --> External Image
Or a normal chibi like this --> External Image <--this is not an option for the last slot

This is a first come first serve kinda deal and you can only have one or the other. I'll sketch them out in my sketch book and then during the stream on Wednesday I'll work on them. Please Link your OC in your comment.

1. Creshendeath: Daft Punk Normal chibi
2. Groovy Boar: Nebula Normal chibi DONE
3. Kyra Chan: Yukimura chibi headshot DONE