Blind ship Meme

So I saw this and I'm actually doing it with someone on Deviant art and I thought that it would be fun to bring here and see what happens!! Stole this from EccentricTABR on Deviantart

EDIT: Please for this I would rather like it if we've at least have talked before. And ABSOLUTELY no abusive relationships. It is something that is a huge part of my past and I'm not going to ever put my OC's or anything through that ever. Even just talking about it bring up bad memories so I would rather just avoid it all together. I just got rid of Mainia relationship in general so there's no temptation for try an abusive relationship. EDIT

♡Blind Ships Meme ♡

We both make brand new characters. [But if you have an adopt that you really want to use that's perfectly fine too] (Visual & Bios/Information)
We will not share the info about our characters until we're fully done with the character creations process is complete.
Upon completion, we will show them to each other.
Then we will ship the hella outta them (ง ゚▽゚)ว

♡ Rules ♡

  • Any type of ships / relationships are open

A passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love

A natural kind of love that is liking someone through the fondness of familiarity.

Affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity.

A desire to have fun with each other, to do activities indoor and outdoor, tease indulge and play harmless pranks on each other. The acquisition of love and attention itself may be part of the game.

Obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very possessive and often jealous lovers

Selfless altruistic love; Spiritual

  • Any type of orientation is fine.
  • We can go outta of the box but please inform me! I love interesting stories and relationships!
  • Further relationship event plots are allowed
  • Please don't force things upon me.

Please fill this up in the comments below if you're interested!!!!
Type of relationship: ( E.g. Eros / Mania / etc. )
Type of pairing: ( E.g. BxB , GxG , GxB ) [I'm still kinda iffy for the gxg, just mainly nervous and not really sure I'm ready for that king of pairing yet.]
Age Range: ( I'll be willing to go up to a ten year age difference between the characters, but pretty please don't make your character under the age of 16.)
Universe: ( E.g. Human / RPG world / Spirits / etc. )

Ships so far!!

WildGirl1977: BoyXGirl, 20's, humans, Eros
KyraChan: BoyXGirl, 20-24, humans, Eros