Bio's for oc's

Here's the profiles for all the characters for my challenge.

Name: Kyoshiro Ren
Age: 17
DOB: September 22
Gender: Male
hair color/style: spiky blond hair
eye color: crimson red
appearance: About 5’7” skinny as a twig but also quite strong
Personality: Calm, cool, collected, very hard to temper, protective, laid back
Bio: His parents are rich but are always over seas. He has an annoying younger sister. He loves dogs. His dogs name is Ayame. She’s a black lab. He doesn’t have many friends at school. But a small group of friends that love to play video games and stay out of others business. He also likes wearing different colored contacts to hide his real color eyes.

name- Akane
age- 16
DOB: July 21
gender- female
Real hair color/style- Red with purple streaks, short and spiky in the back, with 2 long pieces in the front. A emover over the left eye for bangs.
eye color- ice blue
appearance- Short, 5 ft tall. Small hands and feet, faint freckles across bridge of nose,very pale complexion, easily burns in sunlight.
personality- Spunky, fiercely loyal, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, kind mostly, but fights hard when necessary.
Bio- Best friends with Kyo. Is able to boss him around with out any complaints, but would give her life for him in an instant. Dislikes Kado, thinks he is annoying, but like Kyo, is very protective of him.

name: Raidon Takumi
age: 16
DOB: May 8
Gender: Male
appearance: black spikey hair, green eyes, 5 foot 8, slight tan
personality: kind, caring, has laughing problem, slightly short tempered, relaxed, will fight to death defending a friend, keeps opinion to self, slightly childish, yet sometimes serious, impish
Bio: Have been friends with Hisa and Hiro since middle school. Has a younger sister and younger brother.

Name: Renji
Age: 18
DOB: April 3
Gender: Male
Apearence: Light brown hair, Green and Yellow eyes (The yellow is around the pupil), Tone body 5’9”
Personality: smart alic, cocky, smart, funny, lights wearing tight clothing, usually tells the truth, listens to rock music usually has head phones around neck.
Bio: He's the wizard of thunder. He started going to the academy when he was 12. His parents wanted him to gain control of his shocking personality and sent him there. What they did know is that they would never see him again. Time is slowed down at the academy. When it's been a week there it's been about a month in the real world.

Name: Ryuu
Age: 17
DOB: June 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Light blue semi spiky hair and orange eyes, 5’5”
Personality: To the point, very smart, older twin, confident, cocky at times, very skilled in chemistry
Bio: He’s the wizard of light. Also the older one of the twins. He’s older by a minuet. He’s a chemistry wiz. Him and his younger brother Uryuu were sent to the Academy by there parents when they were 7. Their parents couldn’t handle keeping their powers a secret any more.

Name: Kyoshiro
Age: 19
DOB: November 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blonde hair and deep blue eyes, 6’0”
Personality: confident, smart, oldest of the group, not really a leader goes with the flow, laid back
Bio: Wizard of metal. He’s very confident in his own abilities and can quickly analyze his opponent’s moves and level of ability. He decided to go to the Academy on his own free will because when he was 6 his best friend died because of him and he didn’t want to hurt any one else.

Name: Uryuu
Age: 17
DOB: June 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Light blue hair emo hair cut bangs go over left eye and go past chin and orange eyes 5’5”
Personality: Laid back, funny, hard to anger, calm, thinks before acting, not very talkative, is easy to get along with, fun to be around, younger twin
Bio: The wizard of darkness. He’s the younger brother of Ryuu by a minuet. He like dressing in dark clothes and gets emo hair cuts but is far from being emo. Him and his older brother Ryuu were sent to the Academy by there parents when they were 7. Their parents couldn’t handle keeping their powers a secret any more.

Name: Toshiro
Age: 16
DOB: December 30
Gemder: Male
Appearance: Slate colored hair kind of spiky but not really and has turquoise eyes 5’7”
Personality: Kind, easy going, head strong, doesn’t like to be told what to do
Bio: Wizard of Ice. He couldn’t control his powers so his parents sent him away to the Academy when I was 4. He’s a quick learner and likes to hang out with people that a different from everyone else. He has forgiven his parents and doesn’t blame them for sending him away at such an early age. But still regrets that he’ll never know what a normal life is like.

Name: Sasuke
Age: 17
DOB: August 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair with red streaks in it emo hair cut and red eyes 5’8”
Personality: Cocky, doesn’t know when to shut up, strong headed, good leader, never gives up, very confident
Bio: The wizard of fire. His mother didn’t know what was wrong with him because he always had a high temperature. So he spent most of his life in a hospital separated from society. Then when he was 5 his mother got a letter from his father and sent Sasuke to the Academy.
Name: Hias Yuki
Age: 16
DOB: September 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: long blonde hair usually up in a pony tail, hazel eyes, 5’1”
Personality: Funny, Free spirited, easy going, quickly tempered, will fight till the end
Bio: The tough girl of the group. She acts like one of the guys and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She loves playing sports and doesn’t like being pushed around because she’s a girl. She’ll kick any guys ass any day of the week if they make her mad.

Name: Hiroshi Tsubasa
age: 16
appearance: gray hair, red eyes (of death), wears weird voodoo sash
personality: short tempered, acts nice, likes shiny objects, easily distracted, does many antics
Bio: Has been one of Hisa’s best friends since second grade. He tried to asked Hisa out since sixth grade. But she keeps declining because her father is strict. He’s always been laid back and is really good at playing video games.

Name: Zen Sayo
Age: 14
DOB: February 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair and hazel eyes 5’4”
Personality: laid back, very protective, kind, enjoyable to be around
Bio: Has been best friends with Hikari since kindergarten. He has a major crush on her and doesn’t care how different from everyone else she is that’s what he likes about her. One night he makes a deal with Daisuke in order to protect Hikari. But what he didn’t know was that the deal brought out his hatred and jealousy. It also locked away his heart and changed his appearance completely. (Blonde Hair and deep blue eye. 5’6”)

Name: Daisuke Akira
Age: looks 16
DOB: March 7
Gender: Male
Appearance: blue hair and red eyes 5’10”
Personality: stubborn, cocky, confident, strives for what he wants
Bio: He first meets Hikari in a fight against her and is love at first sight for him anyways. Is on the evil side for most of the story then changes sides when he can’t stand being ordered to capture Hikari any more. He kissed Hikari right in front of Zen the same night that he had Zen make a deal with him.

Name: Hikari Tama
Age: 14
DOB: April 1
Gander: Female
Appearance: Black hair with silver ends and amber eyes 5’2”
Personality: Head strong, kind, gentle, protective
Bio: Has lived 14 years of her life with out knowing that she had an older brother or father now she’s on a quest to find them. But another twist is added when her best friend gets involved.