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Work Schedule for May

So this is my work schedule for this month. Including what I have done so far and what is in store for me with the rest of the month. I'm putting this on here to show everyone how much I work and to please not start bugging me about something beca...

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Art Raffle WINNERS

Yeah ended it a little early. I couldn't wait any longer XD This is completely random I use Random.org to be able to choose the winners. First place: Image #8: DangerousTinkerer...

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Lost tablet pen

I lost my pen for my tablet and I can't find it ;W; so I won't be able to do any digital art work until I can either find it or I have to order a new one. Sorry everyone. oTL

Edit I have found my pen!!

Wittle Icon Slots open (2/5)

Because I wanted to try it out for myself for an icon and I really didn't want to work on the banner I have to do for work this morning I did this instead!! ...

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Finish picture for friend

So I finished my picture that I was doing for my friend last night and the dimansions were too big for here and I just haven't shrunk it down yet to post it here but here's what I drew her. ...

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