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Order chosen!!

So Parker's going to be next for drawing. It's down to Elijah and Damnian now!! Who's going to be drawn after Parker? Castiel: -Done-...

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If it wasn't for the fact that I was at work when I saw this trailer I would have been crying because I'm so happy with how beautiful the game play looks and Sora's new outfit and the new specials with the keyblades and GHA!!!!! WHY CAN"T THIS BE OUT FOR PREORDER ALREADY!!!

I'm really excited out FFVII being remade too. This is one of the main FF games that I've always wanted remade. I love square enix's games and this game is one of the games that are on the top of the list!

Thrift Shop Pokemon Version

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I think I'm done for the night. Sorry everyone. I'll leave you all with what I got done during the stream.

This might take a while

My grandfather passed away today...I'm sorry to those that I owe art to I'll try to keep working on it. This is just really hard for me take. My grandfather and grandmother on my father's side were the one's that taught me how to write because they were both left handed, they got me into art they listened to my troubles when I was sad, they made so many happy memories for me with my life that now it's just hitting me that both of them are gone now...I'm sorry again I'll keep working on the art I owe as much as I can...I just...as well as I can put a mask on and smile and say everything's okay...I...I just can't...I'm not okay...