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Challenge Ended

YES my challenge officially ended yesterday, but it's probably going to take me the week to be able to decide out of the 9 that were entered for who will win first, second, and third. With the prizes being memberships I want to take my time with this and be able to really feel good about the decisions I made. What I will do after I choose the winners is I will be giving the winner's their memberships before I message them asking what they would like for their picture prize. So if you see a cupcake by your name randomly and the backroom option looking different start thinking about what you want for a prize. I promise that I'll try my hardest to not make me take a week to decide. If anything I'll think about it on the drive up to where we're going for the ski trip and see if I can't come up with a decision tonight. I hope everyone understands.

Inspiration Is Everywhere Challenge

My Inspiration is Everywhere wallpaper challenge ends on New Years day. It may seem like a long way off, but it really isn't. It's January 1st everyone. We're in December. The prizes for this are huge!

1st Prize: 2 year Premium membership, Couples digital painting
2nd Prize: 1 Year Premium membership, single character flat color
3rd Prize: 6 month Premium membership, Single Chibi flat color

There are 8 entries so far. I would love to see more people join!


My Candy Love Episode 28

Yes I play this game. I binge play the new episodes when they come out. My candy FINALLY got a fricking kiss from Kentin. ANd then I got the picture I was like

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ONLY THOSE WHO PLAY THIS GAME KNOW HOW LONG I"VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!! When the teaser trailer came out for it I was like

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I can dye happy now. Until the next episode. XD

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Why I Role Play

I don't know if you want to call this depressed post or what, but it's been a thing that I've wanted to explain for a long time and just trying to come up with the right words for it was the hardest part. Why do you rol...

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SS Wishlist 2015

Here's my list for the SS event's I'm in on here. Rin and Haruka from Free! Link from Skyward Sword and/or Twilight Princess Yato from Noragami Takeru Totsuka from Kamigam...

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