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Everyone needs a helping hand when they wish to set their career in motion and it helps if there is someone with the knowledge around who is willing to help out.

I made this world as it seems to me that there are a lot of younger people out there who wish to start careers in design, art, writing and other related fields who do not really know how to go about starting it up, or do not know of any useful contacts.

Here you will find a selection of helpful posts, as well as chances for you to ask questions. Feel free to reply to ANY posts.


Do you have something that you are worried about? Maybe a lump, or pain that you don't understand? Feel free to ask for free advice on these matters. Axel is very knowledgeable on various medical subjects and can offer advice and support to anyone who wishes to manage their pain better, learn about natural remedies, or even diagnose their problems to save time.


Depression and Suicide Awareness

In light of the passing of the great Robin Williams I felt the need to post this for all members of TheOtaku. (I will also be adding this to the Facebook group too.)

Depression is very common and more and more young people are being diagnosed with it every single day. Suicides are becoming more common too. So, I wanted to share this with you.

Some of my closer friends may know this, others may not, but I have have suffered with depression, anxiety and anger issues since I was younger. My anxiety started very young due to my home life being very stormy. My father was the kind of person who would openly mock you, hit my mother, slept with a machete by the bed and so on. I grew up fearing him or that one day he would do something to my mother, or brother and sister. Thankfully, he left when I was 7, but my anxiety has never fully left and manifests in the strangest ways. It was around my early teenage years that I began to get uncontrollably angry over the littlest things, even became violent towards otherd and when my nerve condition developed in 2007 it made it worse as I couldn't do anything anymore. I also started suffering with depression quite badly. There were occasions when I felt so low that I thought no one would miss me if I was to end it all. But now I am on medication I have balanced out, I don't get angry as often, I don't cry as much and I enjoy life more.

There is help out there for anyone who needs it. If medication is not for you, it can help to just have people to talk to. If you ever feel like you want to end it, PLEASE call someone. Someone you trust, or even a suicide helpline. Sometimes just talking can make all the difference.

UK Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90
US Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-8255
Hotline list by state, or country:

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