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any doodles that are related in theO can be found here ^^
hope ya'll enjoy your stay *bows*

but most of the things here are my ocs


OC doodles~
this is Fu during summer:
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i like doodling little kids, so adorable >w<!

Wei: I'm a big kid now. I can look after Fu!
Fu: Me twuu!
Wei: You can't look after yourself Fu.

fu's big bro

i think this would be fu's brother's temporary look~
he's name would be Wei, i like chinese names C:

i made him sorta ikemen to contrast Fu's tomboyish feature :3
he likes being "princey" which fu thinks is girly ahahaa

Fu doodles

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I was trying to make a chara sheet for Fu but i ended up doodling all over it ahahaa
how to make a legit character sheet ( ̄ω ̄;)?

Jen-jen doodle~

i have been flooding theO with random doodles so I decided to make a world for them >w<
soo taddaaa~

Cutie Jen-jen is cute <333