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any doodles that are related in theO can be found here ^^
hope ya'll enjoy your stay *bows*

but most of the things here are my ocs


weeee, i dunno how, but my sister somehow fixed my tablet :O!
WOOOOO! i can color now X3 but i have to wait for the weekend to come xD
so i doodled something


honestly, i completely forgot how to color haahahaaa, i guess that's not good =v= o well, i'll just practice again :3

try me!

fast midnight doodle~ fu-chin likes baseball as much as video games :3


recycling old sketches that i never finished :)
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the other Fu, she used to like that, buuut when Sesame came she became today's Fu :3

i'm goin to sleep now =u=
night night <3

stuff i saw while cleaning

sorta cleaning up my lappy files and come across with these things =w=
might as well post them here before putting in the bin~
honestly, i have no clue when i did them >w<
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and the things i do when i'm bored
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trust me i'm not weird at all 8D

my lappy's mustache thing is just soo awesome asdjklklasd

Fu and Sesame~

I took a break from drawing birthday gifts for june
aaaanndd I decided to give Fu a fluffy big doggiee!
His name is Sesame I really want a pet dog but our landlord doesn't like pets sajdkjsdklasd

okie dokie brb after summer p.e. :3