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The JSA's Founding 10
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A wallpaper featuring featuring the 10 super-heroes who founded the Justice Society of America (also known as simply "JSA" and Justice Society") from the DC Universe in its original canonical timeline incarnation (better known as the "Golden Age DCU").

Things to know about the JSA in case some of you don't follow DC Universe canon.
-The team first appeared in All-Star Comics (Vol. 1) No. 3 (released on Nov. 22, 1940 with a cover date of Dec. 1940).
-According to DCU canon, the JSA is the premier super-hero team of the DCU in its pre-reboot incarnation, but as the team got erased from history by the birth of the Pre-Crisis Multiverse, a dimension of that multiverse called "Earth-Two" brought in place a variant of the team's history where people age in real time as opposed to floating time with Earth-One (the DCU in its Silver Age publishing era incarnation), a dimension with a floating timeline, having the Justice League of America as its premier super-hero team.
-Due to the events of the 1985 comic book maxiseries Crisis of Infinite Earths, the DCU faced another timeline reboot, becoming the Post-Crisis New Earth (better known as the "Modern Age DCU") with both JSA and JLA co-existing in the same timeline, only for the records of Batman and Superman ever being JSA members to be erased with the two super-heroes not having started their respective super-hero careers until the years after the 1951 disbandment of the JSA.
-According to the comic book maxiseries Doomsday Clock, Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen Universe messed with history of the DCU in its Post-Infinite Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint incarnation (called "Earth-0"), erasing the JSA from history and giving birth to that universe's New 52 incarnation (labelled as "Earth 0"). Fortunately, Superman got Doctor Manhattan to undue his deed, leading to the re-existence of the JSA in history, only for the JSA member statuses of Superman and Batman to not get brought back into history in full until the timeline fix-up in DC's Generations, which led both Supes and Bats to now being over 100 years of age in current day with both men having served in both JSA and JLA.

Image Sources: Hyperborea, (1, 2), HawkFan, ComicVine (1, 2, DC Comics Database (1, 2), Superman Homepage, and Dark Knight News

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Justice Society of America Wallpapers
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