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Another wallpaper featuring Chip and Gadget Hackwrench from Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers. Regarding the text in this wallpaper, the "(Hopefully)" is a matter that we have no way of telling if a) Disney plans to feature more of the Chip x Gadget romance in future Disney screen productions (incl. the live-action Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers web film and the animated webseries Chip 'N Dale: Park Life), b) Gadget ends up being Dale's girlfriend instead Chip's in the coming Disney screen productions themselves (possibly in response to the trial of the now-infamous executive producer Harvey Weinstein), or c) if it'll ban Gadget from them completely for inconsistency with current Disney standards regarding the depiction of female protagonists in family entertainment (you know, the whole being "too sexy" thing), but it would be nice if it does. After all, Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man (a character currently owned by Disney by the way) has a love life that still goes on thru multiple canonical comic book stories up to now (Black Cat anyone?).

Anyway, I hope you all like this wallpaper as much as I had making it.

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7:09 PM Canada ET

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1980s, chip, chip 'n dale: rescue rangers, chip x gadget, cute, gadget hackwrench, love, love couple, rescue rangers, retro, rodents, romance, walt disney animation studios
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