Rainbow Dragon (Wallpaper Portfolio) WHiTE (is...cold...)

WHiTE (is...cold...)
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Weiss screencap from this VIDEO

Plus Snow | Ice | More snow | brush

Do you want to build a Photoshop? (sorry I had to)


This is probably a bit late, but I've been meaning to do a Weiss wallpaper since I saw her in the RWBY Volume 5 trailer promo. She looked so beautiful in that video. I have no words. Weiss Schnee is best RWBY girl to me because I feel like I can relate to her more than the other characters. Of course I loved her in this short that I had to make a wallpaper of her.

To be honest it has been awhile since my last wallpaper. I've been busy with school, dealing with personal issues, and have just been too distracted to actually sit down and make wallpapers like I used to. So I sat down today and made one. This one features Weiss as she appears in the RWBY volume 5 short, I loved this screenshot so much that I made it into a wallpaper.

In truth, this wallpaper started out using this image but somehow ended up with this image instead. That happens a lot when I start out making things, I start out with one idea and it turns into something completely different by the time I'm done. That is what happened to this wallpaper. I used snow textures to emphasize the cold theme, her transition to growing up, and overcoming her personal challenges all of which I can relate to really well. I wanted it to have a cold but yearning look, kind of based on the lyrics from the Red Trailer.

I think I spent two hours overall putting this one together. Overall like how it turned out. Hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.

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