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Capsule Monsters-Bakura

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Screenshots taken from this video

Textures from Deviant art | Brush

Photoshopped in the shadow realm....


Yes, long time no wallpaper. To be honest I have been busy, distracted, and just haven't been the most inspired this month. But I finally made something. It features Yami Bakura who I've seemed to become obsessed with after rewatching the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh all the way through.

To be honest Yami Bakura is just fascinating as hell (plus his dark long trenchcoat is badass as hell) with his scheming and cunning dark personality. I relate to him because when he was Thief King Bakura, he suffered from PTSD from watching his whole village of Kul Elna get slaughtered to create the Millenium items. I theorize it is because of that he became so evil and just developed this darkness in his heart for the pharoah of that time. I suspect sometime when he was young that a group of thieves raised him and he eventually rose in the ranks to become the thief king we know him as. Again purely speculation but this is kind of my headcannon for Yami Bakura/Thief King Bakura.

I made this wallpaper of some screenshots taken from a Youtube video of the PS2 Game, Yu-Gi-Oh: Capsule Monsters (which was fun as hell and the only PS2 YGO game to feature the original voice actors from the dub). I just stumbled upon the video in my search for Yami Kura images on the internet and captured a few and made this wallpaper.

Wallpaper is made of screenshots, a texture, and some blending and effects. This was made at a smaller resolution because the screenshots weren't as HD as I would have liked. However I did the best I could with what I could find (plus there's hardly any official art of Yami Kura in his badass dark coat). It has been awhile since I have made any wallpapers so please excuse any roughness. I'm a little rusty as it has been awhile.

That being said, hope everyone enjoys what I made here.

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