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One Sentimental Moment
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Song: One Year Of Love by Queen

Here's yet another Revolutionary Girl Utena wallpaper. The creation of this latest wallpaper has quite the story behind it. In my quest to find more potential images for Utena wallpapers, I remembered a site that I used to visit often years ago called animegalleries.net. It was a site that I frequented quite a bit before discovering TheO, and they had quite a selection of Revolutionary Girl Utena scans and screenshots. It was by looking at those images out of curiosity that I became interested in watching the actual series, which I was unfortunately unable to do until quite recently. I had decided to pay animegalleries.net another visit to look at their image selection, but unfortunately whenever I tried to click on a particular image or a category of images, I kept getting directed to a warning window saying that the site had malware on it. Let this be a cautionary tale about what could potentially happen to TheO if the people running this site don't get their act together soon.

It was extremely unfortunate that the images on animegalleries.net had become inaccessible, because there was an image among the top-rated Utena pics that I found I really wanted to use for a wallpaper. I tried some other places where the scan might be and came up empty. Eventually though, I asked XxArrancarFanxX if she could find another site where the scan could be found - as she seems to be better at these searches than I am - and she found a place that very same afternoon. So for finding that scan, I'm dedicating this wallpaper to her.

Of course finding the image turned out to be only half the battle. The next challenge was extracting it from the original background. There was also the problem that the image was cut off on the left and right sides, so I kind of had to extrapolate what the ruffled blanket on the viewer's right-hand side looked like. Hopefully I did an okay job with that. Next was figuring out what to do about new a background. I decided that it should be set inside a room of some kind, and since there aren't really any existing scans of such a thing, I decided to make a simple wall with a window in Photoshop. I tried to give the setting as intimate an atmosphere as possible. Enjoy.

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