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ORIGINAL Yami Kura is Original

Background | textures | handwriting texture

Song:Eraser ~ Ed Sheeran

Photoshopped in the Shadowrealm.....*evil laughter*


Ok....it happened....I made a wallpaper featuring Yami Bakura. What has happened to me? What is so appealing about this evil guy? Is it his hair? His evil laugh? How does he manage to become so badass. I never really gave him much thought watching the original Yu-Gi-Oh back in the day but this evil badass grew on me. I actually felt sorry for him for him suffering so much. Then I still cheered when he was defeated in the end. But yet still felt sorry for the guy? How does that happen?

So yeah....I'm not like a Yami Bakura fangirl but I can't help but admire this guy for his cunning, intrigue, badass evil laugh (hell I ended up laughing with him as I was watching the Japanese version because it was so damn infectious), oh and his evil dialogues (in both Japanese and English versions they are fascinating). I just liked listening to the guy talk and then make insane facial expressions, then laugh, and go on from there.

Making this wallpaper was interesting to say the least, it all happened because I was looking for a Yami Bakura picture for my desktop. Then I found this screenshot and decided to use it in a wallpaper. Needless to say it ended up being the background and added textures on top of it, added effects to enhance it, and kind of went from there. Tried to get that kind of dark feel that Yami Kura is known for. I added the lyrics because I have been obsessed with that song and I felt they fit Yami Kura because he seems happy hurting and causing pain. Does that make sense? Yet it goes deeper then that. With the loss of his village he has carried this mass hatred for the pharoah and his priests all of these years and it manifested into such great evil because he didn't really have anyone to count on growing up. And also I can relate to this song for my own personal reasons.

So that being said, please enjoy my first Yami Bakura wallpaper. Should I make a YGO VRains one next?

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