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Original Seto Kaiba is still Original

Background | textures | primary color "filter" | bokeh | stripes

Song: ECHO ~ Gumi

Other various things like gradients were done inside Photoshop

And yes, this was the level of this 'SHop was DIFFICULTLY OVER 9,000


Yes, this was indeed a most difficult shop. I don't even know how to really describe it except difficult as hell boi. Wow. Whoo Anyway I did it. I rose to the challenge to the best of my abilities.

My wallpaper features Seto Kaiba, how did it end up featuring Kaiba? Honestly even I don't even know. All I knew was bad ass render needs a wallpaper so it got featured in this one. Although I may make a "normal version" of this one and upload it separately, but that's a project for another day.

Overall this wallpaper took me roughly an hour or more. Trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to execute this project was probably the most difficult thing in this surprisingly. It wasn't putting the wallpaper together, well actually that was hard, especially trying to find the right balance of all the primary colors. And again making sure it wasn't too hard on the eyes. Balance is very important to me if possible.

Well as for Kaiba he ended up looking badass by the time I got done. Especially with him being in primary color mode. It makes him look kind of like his manga art counterpart which was kind of cool. As for the lyrics I felt they fit Kaiba in the fact that he has a hard time connecting to people due to his past. I know he's a good person, especially with how close him and Mokuba are. And he has rose to the occasion to help Yugi and his friends more than once. So he is a good person but I don't think he quite knows how to express it. He basically is one of Yugi's friends whether he wants to admit it or not. And deep down Kaiba boy knows that too. He is just so used to his tough shell but over time it has started to crack slightly.

Does that make any sense? Anyway it is kind of late as I'm writing and uploading this. I hope everypony enjoys my wallpaper. I did my best.

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