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Sunset Shimmer
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Original Sunset Shimmer is Original

Cutie Mark | Legend of Everfree form | Unicorn form | Background

Happy New yeah it was Photoshopped!


Well I ended up making a wallpaper of my favorite girl from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. That would be Sunset Shimmer. I honestly was surprised that there were no wallpapers featuring her here on theO. Well there's one now.

What to say about Sunset? Well at first she was arrogant, powerhungry, and wanted to be the best. But after Twilight and co defeated her and she "saw the light" as it were, she was "reformed" and went on to be a better character in the later Equestria Girls movies. She was once a student of Princess Celestia but back then she hungered for power. To put a long story short, she has become a better person/pony and I think if she ever decided to go back to Equestria, I think Princess Celestia would forgive her. She's come a long ways in a short amount of time.

Honestly I feel like I can relate to Sunset in a way. She's gone through a lot in a short period of time but came back better than ever. She like myself still has a lot to learn.

Well background is sunset themed due to well Sunset SHimmer's namesake. Mostly blended two sunset images together with some stars and a few renders/vectors of Sunset Shimmer. I wanted to try to illustrate kind of who she was inside of this wallpaper.

That being said, I hope everypony enjoys the wallpaper. Happy 2017! Dedicated to Ellenor Mererid as a late birthday gift.

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