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Madness in Me
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Original Dark yuya is Original

Background Yuya x YUTO

Bliss | Not such bliss | broken bliss | broken glass | distorted glass | and this Fireball

Alienz guy says: PHOTOSHOP


Where do I begin to explain this one without going into too much detail? Well essentially this was made to represent the darkness that exists inside of me, I fear it, and I try my best to hold onto the good times and like Yuya going into Beserk mode I too, have my breaking points, as everybody does. But sometimes it seems worse depending on the severity of the situation.

I guess I made it to represent my depression, how it feels when you're in the moment, trying to hold on to what keeps you together, which is the good Yuya side with Yuto kind of faded since they are kind of one body and soul right now. But there lies a deep evil inside of Yuya which is kind of similar to my depression. Let me explain this as best as I can without getting too dark, basically it is when no more control can be kept, you've tried and tried but sometimes there is nothing you can do. Something usually calls me out of it. That is the best way I can put this feeling into words, so I made a wallpaper representing the feelings.

The basic Windows Bliss came to mind because there are several variations of said image. The light Bliss, which is where Yuya and Yuto are, in happier times but Yuzu and Ruri aren't with them because they were captured, and something happened to them which triggered Yuya's beserk dark mode. Darkness and glass to represent the breaking of self control, sadness, anger, that can be felt, and the darkness that lies in all of us.

This is a very emotionally heavy wallpaper for me, as it represents a lot. I did my best. Feedback is appreciated, thank you for viewing/faving. I always appreciate the support.

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