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My entry for the Spooky Fun challege!

I'll be honest, I'm a horror fan. I love a good horror movie/story/game ect., and I love Halloween. Although I haven't gotten to play any of the Corpse Party games yet, I have seen the anime and read the manga, and I love the series (although I must say that it is quite gory at times). It's definitely one of the more underrated horror anime/game franchises to me. Of course, it also turned into my main choice for this challenge, and I enjoyed making another Sachiko wallpaper. It's definitely much more creepy then my first one too, which fits the theme of the series so well

To explain a little bit about Sachiko, she's the now evil spirit of a little girl who was murdered in her elementary school (after witnessing the murder of her mother). There is a game with a paper doll called "Happy Sachiko", in which each person holds a piece of the doll and chants a number of times, then pulls it apart. The game is said to let friends stay connected forever, but it really takes the players to Sachiko's realm, where they are horribly killed by the spirits (and Sachiko herself) of those who've died before them. There's more backstory to all of this, but that's the gist of it.

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